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Looking For Business Partners In Poland - import and exports with UK

Ninjaturtle 1 | -
20 Jan 2013 #1
Hello Everyone

I am looking for a business partner in Poland . Preferably Warsaw or Poznan because I have experience in these cities.

Specifically I am interested in import and exports between the UK and Poland . I am in now way an expert import/exporter but I do have extensive contacts in manufacturing and distribution.

Any Polish businesses wanting to penetrate UK markets , please contact me .

I am particularly interested in Niche market products unique to specific regions of Poland .

I have a genuine interest in Poland and Polish people so please do not hesitate to contact me . In Polish language if you wish.

Thank you
8 Feb 2013 #2
Dear Ninjaturtle

I have read about your interest to do buisness in Poland.

Can you tell me little more what kind of buisness you are interested in?.Are you Polish? Do you speak the language?Have you ever live in Poland?

Please get in touch mgaik26@gmail

Michalsky - | 4
9 Mar 2013 #3
Hi, I from Poznan and maybe I could help you. Please contact me on email
Bizportalpl - | 6
29 Mar 2013 #4
If you want too do business that check out the free forum [spam removed ] More features will be added during the year.
FilipPZC - | 9
9 Apr 2013 #5
If you still have the need to contact somebody experienced and professional please feel free to contact me.
I would be more than happy to offer cooperation and assistance in Poland.
maxasea - | 1
9 Apr 2013 #6
Hi NinjaTurtle.
I would have a business to penetrate the UK market, but it isn't Polish. If would suit you anyway, I'll be glad if you contact me.

All the best,
zebrowski_t - | 2
11 Apr 2013 #7
We will be happy to talk about the possibilities of cooperation. Feel free to contact zebrowski_t@yahoo
barcelona 1 | 1
29 Oct 2015 #8
plz contect with me moughal spain gram786@hotmail
17 Feb 2016 #9
We are Polish company manufacturing our products since 2005, for small and medium compenies as well as individual clients.

Our Company specializes in manufacturing of plastic bags, carrier bags, garbage bags, film bags and different types of packagings made of HDPE and LDPE foil.

Production process is carried out in profesionally equipped machine park and qualified staff with extensive experience.

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials.

Some of our products are manufactured from recycled plastic. Thanks to it, they have good price and high quality and they are environmentally friendly.

Size and type of our products we offer is performed according to the client's request.

We do our best to introduce new technologies on a regular basis, in order to satisfy our client's needs.

We perform small batch sizes

We are able to deliver final products to our clients

We provide short lead time

We guarantee high quality and low prices

We want to start our business on UK market and looking for cooperators happy to deal with us.

If you are interested please dont hesitate to contact us:
master of lie - | 2
17 Oct 2016 #10
Merged: Business cooperation in Poland - import/export

I am looking for business cooperation. I live in Warsaw and just thinking about to start a business, and something comes to my mind to start import/export business. If you have any idea, or you are looking for a guy in Poland just contact me.

Cars, togs, whatever.. contact me on private.
wolfganger - | 1
17 Feb 2017 #11
If u r still intrested about buissnes partner from poland, what do u think about growers? I have apples/pears or i can organize
all vegetables and fruits available in Poland from manufacturers of agricultural. Without any intermediaries,
in any category or class.
21 Jul 2017 #12
We are an established Indian exporter of Readymade Garments, leather Goods & leather Garments, Leather shoes. We are having our network in south Africa & Gulf.
We are looking for a business partner in Poland who can promote our products on Mutual aggreable terms.
If interested contact: PROGERESSIVE TRADE LINKS, 2/98, SUNDER VIHAR, DELHI-110087
TEL: 91-11-45548212
3 Aug 2017 #13
Hello, everyone!
I represent the Ukrainian company, looking for partners in Poland. We are going to export wood from Ukraine to Poland, maybe someone is interested. Please, contact me
12 Oct 2017 #14
I am Indian and going to Poland in May or June 2018 after marriage with a polish woman.
I want to start an Indian restaurant in katowice .
So I want a financer or business partner from Poland or rest world
So please contact me soon
Wulkan - | 3,203
12 Oct 2017 #15
So I want a financer

So basically you want someone to buy you a restaurant in Poland, nice.
sanjaylidhu - | 1
9 Apr 2018 #16
I m interesting in starting a Restaurant r any other business in Poland in the month of May 2018.
Any local polish person interested to become a business partner plz contact...
3 May 2018 #17
It's rohit from India and having a wonderful business ideas which can change the life of all polish peoples and partners can get unlimited revenue, so I need some partners for advertising and investment purpose, but it's my experience who will work with me can not be stopped by anyone, because my business style is unique and confident, so interested investors can contact me on +917030512346 or mail me on contactrohitugale@gmail
18 Jun 2018 #18
Let me know more about the proposal, like terms, investments, returns, viability etc. Regards.
Klb chowdary

Let me know more about your proposal
2 Sep 2018 #19

Please drop me an email about your project.
Bill634 - | 3
12 Sep 2018 #20
@master of.lie
Hi , I am in Warsaw please contact me ‭‭532 175 376‬‬, we might be able to do something together.
12 May 2021 #21
American wishing to start a English Business Please contact me on skype mnswordplay

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