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Are Polish men deceptive behind their partners back?

29 Apr 2021 #1
I could really use some opinions on this.

I've been in a long distance with a Polish man for a year and a half.. He always promised me that he cannot be a dishonest person and would never cheat.. I had not taken things too seriously for many months.. but we fit well.. as a couple and when we talk about having a joint future.. are interests and goals etc,. I must add that being long distance he also made the huge decision to move to my Country and start a new career to be with me,.it a whole other Continent.. on my part I gave up poly relationships for exclusivity with him.

So he treats me like a princess almost always,. alpha male, handholding in public, being thoughtful with gifts and surprises,. saying all the right things to make a girls heart flutter.. I always find it too good to be true..

Now I find that, while he tells me he wants a serious future of us together, I catch him checking out women, he admits to harmless flirting and he still keeps close touch with couple women friends who he wanted to date but couldn't, and his conversations with them reflect a interest of excitement which is not normal when he speaks to men friends.

He swore to me that all these women are "just friends" until I literally interrogated him, coz **** didnt add up, and I realised he probably got some excitement from keeping these women in his life. at this point i realised he is capable of lying by omission,. or was willing to say whatever was necessary to keep these useless women in his life.

I have asked that he sets boundaries with these women in his life, since they are obviously aware of his obsession or crushes on them and some women enjoy that and exploit it, lets be honest. Plus who wants their boyfriend running after other women like a puppy?

Our adventures over the last 15-16 months span atleast 4-5 countries and 8-10 cities,.. not even one picture of our adventures are on his facebook.. However, he has lots pics of these women he liked and his exes.. I don't feel like a priority.. and I'm not willing to be less than that. We do love each other, but i feel disrespected coz of this behaviour.. I am seriously contemplating any further future emotional investment in this man.

I'm not on face book, I work a serious job and dont' have time and energy for frivolities and cheap thrills. I've even proposed an open relationship, so I dont have to care about which women he gives his attention to,

We have talked it out mostly and he promises he will delete stuff and cut communications with these women.. I don't know if he says it to shut me up or he means it.. so this is my question.

Are polish men deceptive? ...the types who treat you like the most important girl in the world,.. but is also flirting and giving attentions to everyone else behind your back? What are your experience people?

And please feel free to call me out for being too rigid with him! ;)
29 Apr 2021 #2
Are polish men deceptive?

here is the latest statistics:

About 25% are always deceptive by nature and they never stop looking for such opportunities.

About 25% are deceptive but only when they run into a random opportunity.

About 25% would like to be deceptive and sometimes think of it but they are too lazy or too scared to carry it out.

About 25% are never deceptive and don`t even think about it.

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