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Import a car from US to Poland

31 Oct 2007 #1
we are trying to find desperately a fact how it goes. How much we need to pay taxes to customs etc. We are EU citizen (but not polish) and lived 3 years in US and moved 1 month ago to Poland. We will work here maybe 1-2 years. Does anyone know where to find relevant facts in English?
db1874 7 | 227
31 Oct 2007 #2
Is the car you're importing actually your own car that you've owned in the US (and can prove you owned) or are you going to buy a car in the US and then import it?

There is a huge difference in cost for these two scenarios, the first scenario where it is actually your own car should incur no taxes and duties but you will have to specify how long the car will be residing in Poland for and prove you owned it beforehand.

The second scenario incurs all the taxes, roughly 50% of the value of the car when you add it all up but it depends on the age of the car and engine size to be exact.

I just imported a car using and they were very good.
OP needtips
31 Oct 2007 #3
thanks db1874! the car is our own which we have owned 2 years in US. your scenarios are just what we are wondering and our agency is not sure yet how it goes (with huge taxes or not).... it seems now we have found other agency who knows how we can do it without taxes (like we hope of course!).

Thanks for blueskyauto. pl link. I will keep in mind if still needed.
Talos - | 7
31 Oct 2007 #4
How much we need to pay taxes to customs etc.

This is how i would do it....there is a ruling in the UK that you do not have to pay taxes on a car that you import if this car is 6 months old and that you have had it for this length of import it to the UK......then drive it to i did
OP needtips
2 Nov 2007 #5
hi again db1874

do you know official name/procedure (temporary custom clearance?) of your 1 scenario (no taxes, no duties), for whom you need to provide owner etc documents and who can do it (some agency or ourselves) ?

our customer clearance agents don't know about this kind of procedure or they don't want to tell it or do it... they are telling us that only way is to pay full taxes...

Thanks a lot in advanced!
db1874 7 | 227
9 Nov 2007 #6
I don't know sorry, I would get in touch with Blueskyauto, I did scenario 2 but Jerzy at BlueSky knows scenario 1 very well.
chevelled - | 1
13 Nov 2007 #7
Talos, did you then register the car in Poland?
Lenny - | 3
5 Jun 2008 #8
I just imported a car using blueskyauto and they were very good.

How is this 50% estimate calculated?

Im a US citizen, If I purchase a car in the US how long do i have to wait b4 I can export it to Poland so that taxes wont be included?

This doesnt add up to me. I plan to call the Polish embassy in Washington D.C. to see if they can help with these questions, if not I will have my family in Poland call the Polish Customs Agency. I will try to post what I find out here.

Also, is there a Polish website which estimates the value of cars? In the USA we have You enter the year, make and model of a car and it estimates a value (price).

And, what are the most popular websites for buying/selling cars?
Eurola 4 | 1,909
5 Jun 2008 #9
There is a fairy tale going around that "a lot" of polish people are buying cars here and ship them to Poland to their family. With the tax of 50%, how could it possibly be worthed? I never met an actual person, who did it.

Yes, the cars are less expensive to buy here, but if you add the shipping charges and the 50% tax, it makes no sense.
I'd really like to know.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
6 Jun 2008 #10
There is a fairy tale going around that "a lot" of polish people are buying cars here and ship them to Poland

There was a report on the BBC, a week or two ago, about Americans selling their cars because of the rise in fuel prices. The report focused on SUVs

Anyone selling an SUV at a significant loss would possibly make it the Polish guy's gain.
From what was suggested on the news, there might be some truth in the story, and profit, for the enterprising Pole.
There are people who imported cars from Germany. Maybe they have seen an opening in the states.

And, what are the most popular websites for buying/selling cars

The most popular paper would be Auto GieĊ‚da. So you could try their website.
Lenny - | 3
6 Jun 2008 #11
Ok I spent the last 2 days researching this subject and this is what I found out. You can export a car to Poland but if you didnt own it for at least 6 months in the USA you will have to pay 3 taxes: 10% Customs Tax, 22% VAT Tax and 30% (Border) Tax if the engine size is greater than 2.0 liters, 3% if the Engine Size is less than 2.0 liters.

There is more bad news. I have yet to confirm this, but apparently you cannot sell the car for a minimum of 1 year after the car is picked up in Poland.

And more: Every Customs Agency in Poland is different and some require strict Technical evaluations where exhaust and Tailights of American cars will fail. And, the car could sit on the Customs lot for 1 day or 1 month, depending on the attitude and work ethic of the people working there at the time.

Its pretty bleak for the business entreprenuer.
6 Jul 2008 #12
Lenny, where were you able to find that information, if you don't mind me asking. also, would you know where i could find information on sending other items/amounts with their corresponding rates???
RobertsDP 2 | 6
29 Jan 2009 #13

How to Import car from US to Poland

Hi everyone I just moved to Gdansk to live with my mom. I lived in the Washington DC area for most my life, and mom finally convinced me to move here with her... so im here.

Now most my stuff is in the US including my car and motorcycle... Can anyone tell me what steps there are to bring my car and bike here. I'm mostly interested in the car, i can buy a bike here but I love my car and want it here with me. My car is Lincoln LS 3.9L V8. From what is saw in other posts, I read there is a 3% fee on the value of the car if over 2L... i seen a few different figures but that seemed to be the consensus. Are there other fees? and does anyone know the exact process to bring it here?

Thanks to any and everyone who can help me out!
dheva 3 | 28
2 Feb 2009 #14
you need to pay akzysa(i'm not sure how to spell , abouT 18.6%(OF COST OF THE CAR, THEY MAKE PRICE FROM HEAVEN ,BUT I'M SERIOUS),. For lincoln not very popular in POland, so they will need to open their book guide, make check, searching... they may need 1 or 2 or 3 days.. if you are lucky, you can push them to do it for 1day. BUT BELIEVE ME you will have ADVENTURE(better ask the agent to do it), you will feel sick before you get there...... WELL COME TO POLAND... !!! BUT, i hope you will Lucky!!!!! GOOD LUCK!
ginotorchio - | 1
8 May 2009 #15

I just moved to Poland since 2 months ago and i want to buy an used car form here. Can anyone tell me the best websites in Poland with used cars?

Thanks for all.
14 Jan 2010 #16
there is a company in poland that is also US based, they assist with this type of thing
petenuell - | 1
23 Mar 2010 #17
I heard once that there's a loophole that involves removing the wheels and the engine and then bringing the car into poland in three sections. I was wondering whether three cars could be brought in in this way and then reassembled in Poland with each others' engines and wheels. Does anybody know anything about this?
dnz 17 | 710
23 Mar 2010 #18
I seriously wouldn't trust a Pole to put my car back together at this end. Have you ever seen Polish workmanship? Its dreadful and bordering on dangerous.
convex 20 | 3,978
23 Mar 2010 #19
I heard once that there's a loophole that involves removing the wheels and the engine and then bringing the car into poland in three sections..

You would still have to pay import duties on the individual components, which on their own, are worth more than the value of the whole car. I'm not sure if the concept of a salvage title exists here.
24 Jan 2014 #20
All of you people are wrong! And there is a silence on the Polish side to do not direct you all FULLS on this FORUM, If you prove that you permanently move to Poland, and you moving from the United States and have a permanent address in Poland you have a right to import goods needed for settling down in Poland which you will USE IN YOUR NEW DWELLING free of DUTIES! It is a law based on a "MIENIE PRZESEDLENCZE" law and I do not know the details but I know that most everybody sends goods this way out of the US. You simply rent a container and ship it to Poland...TONS OF POLISH SHIPPING businesses here in the US know the law very well and will be able to assist you. Just look in Chicago or New York area were most of the 13 Million Polish and American DUAL citizens are living.. I just seen that since 2007 when this forum started nobody was even on the right track except two instances when they said when you OWN a car over a period of time you have a right to import it free of duties. LOL
24 Jan 2014 #21
13 Million Polish and American DUAL citizens

I would love to see a source for that. Pity we won't ever get one.
15 Jun 2020 #22
I am looking at moving to Poland from the USA. Would I be able to import my 1948 MG car to Poland. I have owned the car for over 50years and have full documentation of my ownership from the UK and USA including the original hand written bill of sale. What issues would I have in trying to import the vehicle to Poland?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,333
17 Jun 2020 #23
What issues would I have in trying to import the vehicle to Poland?

Not many issues at all if you have owned the car for 2 years or more.You can drive the car on American plates for 6 months then write a letter to Uzad celny and they will keep on extending it for 6 months for maybe 4/5 years.Then leave the schengen area(go to Ukraine) and come back and you can still follow the same until you can take it to uzad celny and after paying around 4/500 pln and registration fee etc you can register it with Polish plates and get the lights etc fixed by any mechanic for 4/500pln and you are all set.

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