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PZU Insurance

vladi 1 | 13
12 Sep 2020 #1
If anyone of you is interested in insurance in PZU, AC, OC, House, Travel, Health, corporate, I will be glad to help. Please contact me on
pawian 178 | 15,928
12 Sep 2020 #2
PZU is the biggest state insurance company. Always has been.

Unfortunately, it is controlled by the ruling -party PiS who treat it as cash cow. They install their members in the board where they receive gigantic salaries. Here is an article about certain PiS politician who knew nothing about economy but earned 3 million within 2.5 years as an executive in PZU.


That is why when in 2018 I bought a car, PZU offer was 1800 PLN for basic insurance. I checked another company, Proama, and it amounted to 650 - three times less. To be honest, the last time I used PZU was in communist times and shortly after.

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