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Need an English Teacher in Poland?

Sebastian D 1 | -
30 Nov 2017 #1
Hello Everyone,

My name is Sebastian. I am a qualified English Teacher with over ten years experience.
I am currently teaching on-line via Skype. This is an excellent way to improve your speaking and listening skills.
I offer competitive rates and give feed back on every class so you can see where you are improving and where we need to work on more. So, whether you are in London, Dublin, Warsaw or anywhere in the world I can help you improve your English in a fun, interesting and comfortable way.

If you are interested please write to me and I will gladly explain in more detail how it works and send you a short introduction video.

See you soon!
Lyzko 33 | 8,154
30 Nov 2017 #2

I'm curious as to what method you employ. Although I realize it all depends on the level for the most part, I tend to focus on visually rather than textually-driven conversation at the advanced beginner up through intermediate stage, later tapering off to more spontaneous topic discussion.

A textbook is certainly useful as a road map, but never as a "crutch" for poor preparation on the teacher's part.

Be interested in your thoughts!
pawian 187 | 17,842
20 Nov 2020 #3
I am currently teaching on-line via Skype.

Do you still use Skype or other tools?

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