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Looking a nice women or girl for friendship in Polish capital (Warsaw), also to do some business

barcelona 1 | 1
15 Oct 2015 #1
hi next month i am going poland capital so i am looking nice women or girl for friend ship also do some busniees import export in poland if any person intrested plz write me o whatsapp +34619333357
Wulkan - | 3,243
15 Oct 2015 #2
There are plenty of escorts in Warsaw, just ask any taxi driver and they'll get you to the right girl.
samipl 2 | 20
22 Oct 2015 #3
Merged: dinner + Watch Movie in Warsawa Zlothy Trase

I am 31 years old man living in warsawa. I am looking some one nice girl to join dinner + watch movie in Zlothy Trase cinema this weekend. regards

please write an email me
22 Oct 2015 #4
Join the Facebook group 'Professionals in Warsaw' and go to one of their Wednesday evening meet-ups.
samipl 2 | 20
23 Oct 2015 #5
Merged: Dinner + watch English movie in Warsawa Cinema

Hi I am 31 years old serious and responsible man living in warsawa. I am working in a firm. I am looking to a nice girl to join me on

Dinner + watch English movie warsawa cinema. please contact serious and responsible girls or women. if any kind of question please write me or call me


whats up +44 7587426307
Hrf - | 1
21 Sep 2017 #6
Looking for a nice women or girl for friendship in Poland.
Whatsapp contact : +989175219228
Thank you.

I like to have a polish girl for friend.
Please help me...Thanks
mobeen sharif
16 Aug 2018 #7
looking for nice women and girls in poland my contact what's app number +923156709371
Arun Mathur - | 1
31 Oct 2018 #8
I am single, doing well in life.

I look for an English speaking girl from Poland to marry, be my life partner and enjoy life together.
The girl should be willing to relocate to a tropical climate; to Bali, Indonesia, like the sea and sand
and to swim and enjoy sea sport activities.

Please contact me, if you are interested; this is a first come first serve basis deal.
Alexbrz 3 | 78
1 Nov 2018 #9
Ah yes, the well known first-come-first-serve kind of love.
8 Dec 2018 #10
Hi , I m looking for women for serious relation in Warsaw , my whatsup is 0048573075166
terri 1 | 1,664
8 Dec 2018 #11
I don't know whether this forum is the ideal vehicle for finding women for serious (maybe even marriage) relationships.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
8 Dec 2018 #12
I'm pretty sure that "Rachid" is looking for paid company or at most a f#ck buddy, there's no reason for any other type of woman to call his number.
Slavictor 6 | 192
8 Dec 2018 #13
to Rachid - stay out of Poland.
jon357 71 | 20,410
8 Dec 2018 #14
serious relation in Warsaw

Rather than post Whatsapp details online (never a good idea; there are some real crazies out there), you might have a look at the dating site below. Good luck!
Me mine
10 Dec 2018 #15
OK so all well n good polish woman at work most beautiful thing I've seen she likes me I just don't know how to start English - polish smut or sincere but looks as if bedtime could be origami and she'd teach the folds
2 Nov 2019 #16
I m from Africa, Schooling at one of the Universities in Public. I m looking for a good polish lady for good relationship. I m humble, Catholic, respectful, intelligent, focused, loving ,caring and reserved.

You can reach me on my email

I wish to wish as all polish citizens Happy celebration this weekend
I m from Africa but a student at one of the University in Lublin Poland.
The ladies here are very beautiful and admiring .
I m looking for a good matured lady from Lublin for relationship. I m a Catholic . I am calm, loving, caring , honest, funny, intelligent etc. I a speak English and ready to learn Polish.

I m looking for a lady from 28-33 years. With good loving heart. And ready to know more of other people's culture and language. Jovial and funny
28 Jun 2020 #17
I'm looking for a nice girl for dinner / drinks movie or show , what's app number +44 7525814766 ( I'm in Uk just now )
28 Jun 2020 #18
Lol so many mysoginists.
pawian 192 | 19,247
30 Jun 2020 #19
No, they aren`t misogynist, if they were, they would prefer to meet males, not females.

Why aren`t there ads like: I am looking for a nice man for dinner etc. Signed: Jessica.
30 Jun 2020 #20
No no, I meant those ppl obviously were led to believe White blonde women want them. I know lots of Bulgarian women married to Arabs or other Muslims and often the marriage ends up being abusive.
pawian 192 | 19,247
3 Jul 2020 #21
and often the marriage ends up being abusive.

Are Bulgarian women really so aggressive as you suggest??
3 Jul 2020 #22
No, too many Muslim men abuse their European wives. I know a Bulgarian woman who had to run away from Turkey with her child illegally as the Turkish father wanted to take the kid away from her.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
3 Jul 2020 #23
the Turkish father wanted to take the kid

In muslim cultures children are the property of the father (I mean that pretty literally). A woman who marries a man from a muslim culture without taking that into account is a fool...
pawian 192 | 19,247
11 Jul 2020 #24
In muslim cultures children are the property of the father (I mean that pretty literally).

In every case or only when the wife is non-Muslim? I just read about marital contracts between Muslims - the content of such a contract largely depends on negotiating powers.

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