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Nice Polish words to say to a girl

10 Jan 2007 #1
I saw a thread describing sweet words to say to a bloke in Polish, like honey, darling - that kind of thing. I can't find it now!!!

What words would someone say to a girl in a similar context. Please post as many as you can because kochanie is getting boring LOL.

Thanks all :)
10 Jan 2007 #2
koteczek, kotek - kitten
słoneczko - sunshine
kwiatuszek - little flower
misio - teddy bear
mój skarb - my treasure
moje szczęście - my happiness
najdroższa - dearest
najcudowniejsza - most wonderful
najpiękniejsza - most beautiful
10 Jan 2007 #3
Moja kochana cipko - My little puss.y :)
OP Wayc00lio
10 Jan 2007 #5
Thanks Krysia - good list!!!!

LOL Romek!
10 Jan 2007 #6
moja zabko - my froggy:)
10 Jan 2007 #7
moj biedronka - ladybird
( she put red highlights in her hair )
OP Wayc00lio
10 Jan 2007 #8
moja zabko - my froggy

Seriously???!!!!! I think if I called her a frog she'd neuter me!!!!! LOL
10 Jan 2007 #9
I know - I was thinking the same:), however if you do it in Polish she would not take you to the vet - trust me:)

If, however she would want to, my father is very experienced and I will do it for free:)

Some people:( - I always wanted to be called "zabko", nobody ever has. Yet.:)
12 Jan 2007 #10
Help - Iam failing in my duties as a Father. My son is flying off to Canada soon to be be with his girlfriend while she studies out there. He needs some phrases of endearment and I am struggling. Never had the need for them when I was in Poland because I found my special one a long time ago. The other one I vaguely recall is (excuse spelling) mash pienkna ochi (you have beautiful eyes ?) All suggestions greatly received.
12 Jan 2007 #11
Some of the things my husband says to me in Polish...Sorry I don't know how to write them in Polish.

Kochana, you have a heart of gold.

You are as beautiful today as when we first met.
12 Jan 2007 #12
mash pienkna ochi (you have beautiful eyes ?)

"masz piękne oczy"

You can also say: "masz piękny uśmiech" - you have a nice smile
"jesteś piękna- you're beautiful
"jesteś fajna" - you're cool
"bardzo mi się podobasz" - I like you very much

Is his girl-friend Polish?
12 Jan 2007 #13
Thank you Krysia. I'll pass them on to him. yes, his girlfriend is Polish. They met when we went diving in Egypt last year on vacation. after two weeks they were even hoding hands underwater - ah sweet. He has got himself a work permit for Canada for 1 year and flies out to Vancouver tomorrow. He's been counting down the days. I think Sylwia has relatives out there.
18 Jan 2007 #14
There is an old Polish saying that my man has said but I'm sorry that I can't remember it in Polish something like "the best is between the rim of a glass and lips". Wish I could find it was so special. Polish men, it seems, have no problem finding words to melt your heart. :)

Ahhh, I found it!

"Szczescie jest pomiedzy ustami i brzegiem kielicha"
"happiness is between the lips and the rim of a glass"

I guess this one better suited for the thread on "Polish Sayings" but I'm in love so everything sounds like sweet words. :)
4 Apr 2007 #15
Heyyy, useful phrases. Dzięki - thanks :) Have to try em out now...
17 Sep 2008 #16
mój skarb - my treasure

mój skarbie is what I got told!

She does like to be right tho!

10 Nov 2008 #17
Thread attached on merging:
something nice in Polish for my girlfriend

hi everybody
am totally new to this forum and was wondering if somebody can help me with some nice words to say or txt to my polish girlfriend.i love her to bits so something appropriate please and nothing rude..
10 Nov 2008 #18
how about you tell us what you want to tell her and we'll try to translate it... we can't do all the job for you....
31 Jan 2009 #19
Thread attached on merging:
nice things to say to a girl in Poland

hi, what would be appropriate to say to a woman in Poland, especially to a girl you don't know, are they sensitive or feel offended about certain things?
31 Jan 2009 #20
How do you pronounce these polska words in English????
31 Jan 2009 #21
Ko te check

Swan echko


Me she o

Mooy scarb

Skip :) Hmm.. moye shchen shche


Nigh tsoodov nyeesha

Nigh pyenk nyeesha
1 Feb 2009 #22
You're good at English phonetics for Polish! It must look very weird to native speakers though!
8 May 2009 #23
Hmm, wonder if any native Polish speakers are still around... I have a problem you see... I am very creative with language and write poetry in English, but I know no polish whatsoever and their is a very beautiful female Genetics major who happens to be polish I am trying to win over. Humor seems to be the best way to do this and I need to translate something creative... here are some phrases I would LOVE if someone could translate into comprehensive versions in Polish... also, any chance you could include or spell it as it is pronounced as I will be speaking it to her?

"Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day.

"Did the sun come out or did you just smile?"

Excuse me, do you have your phone number, I seem to have lost mine.

"I'm on top of things. Would you like to be one of them?"

this one is probably pretty difficult, but I came up with it myself just for the occasion...

The Icecaps are melting, College Tuition is skyrocketing and excessive amounts of work make jack a dull boy and Victoria a tired girl. So, unless you have a massive Zeus man on your event horizon, I would love to spice up your life with a free cup of coffee, some random conversation and perhaps Whipped Cream and handcuffs later if all goes well, what do you say?

know that in helping me in this endeavor, you are potentially changing a life, helping a college student get laid and uniting a future couple. Thanks!
11 Aug 2009 #24
what does this mean?
11 Aug 2009 #25
najpiękniejsza - most beautiful
11 Aug 2009 #26

It's the superlative form of piękna. So, it means "the most beautiful".

Edit: too late again... hehe.
31 Dec 2009 #28
Ja Cie kocham a ty spieś

Yah Cheh Ko hahm ah tiy spyeshz
2 Jan 2010 #29
It means: my little black haired girl
23 Feb 2010 #30
Please can someone tell me how this would be pronounced in English (i.e. phonetically)

Jesteś najpiękniejszą kobietą na ziemi

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