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I will buy second hand scooter in Warsaw. Whats the procedure?

Psychedelics 1 | 1
27 Jan 2020 #1
Hello dear sir & madams. I have been living in warszawa for three years as a student. I have validated(still continues) visa and waiting my residence card. I will buy a skuuter this week in warsaw but I don't know what is the procedure of buying a second hand motorcycle. Could you please explain for me? What should i do? Thank you 🙏🏻
Looker - | 1,091
27 Jan 2020 #2
The procedure looks like this:
- find a seller (for example at olx website, close to your location), who owns a scooter you like,
- contact with him (via email or phone), try negotiate the price,
- make a payment for the scooter (best in person via cash)
- enjoy your purchase
OP Psychedelics 1 | 1
27 Jan 2020 #3
But the skuter is not like basic i mean it has motor inside 100 CC. thats why i asked what documents to i need to bring to sign or go somwhere..
Looker - | 1,091
28 Jan 2020 #4
To buy, no need for any special documents, just money.
To drive - you are required to have a driver licence - one of "A" category, or "B" (when you have it 3 years or more in Poland)

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