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Help with purchasing from Allegro (wheel caps), with shipping to Australia

BP12 1 | 4
15 Apr 2020 #1
Hello all, I would like to purchase automotive wheels caps from multiple sellers on Allegro but the sellers are not willing to post abroad. Can people recommend a reputable forwarding parcel company to use or is someone living in Poland willing to do me a huge favour and purchase the wheels caps on my behalf and have them sent to me in Australia please?
Cargo pants 2 | 975
15 Apr 2020 #2
I would look for a reputable company who would do that for you.No one would do that before you sending them advance and in my case the deal will be: purchasable when able:) after receiving the money of course,forget sending :)
OP BP12 1 | 4
15 Apr 2020 #3
Why do you think I posted the question on here lol? I have searched Google but I do not know if the businesses I found are reputable. I understand your point but I am not here to scam someone and I do not want to be scammed. I just want these wheel caps that I cannot find in Australia!!! I cannot properly convey how genuine I am with words on a screen but please take these words as gospel :)
Cargo pants 2 | 975
15 Apr 2020 #4
I had a Armenian friend who was in wheel caps wholesale in Warsaw,If I could find him in a day or 2,I will pm you with his contact,if he is still in the business.
OP BP12 1 | 4
15 Apr 2020 #5
Thank you. It is much appreciated.
The wheel caps I am after are an older style cap that is no longer produced. I have sent numerous emails to wheel dealers worldwide but I have not had any luck finding any from them. There are around 6 or more of these caps for sale on Allegro. I have sent mutiple messages to the sellers but they still will not post abroad. I am so close yet so far and it is frustrating!!!
Cargo pants 2 | 975
15 Apr 2020 #6
If you have found them then try throwing them couple of bucks that they cant refuse and take the risk.
OP BP12 1 | 4
15 Apr 2020 #7
The sellers have stopped replying to my messages.
I contacted one seller by email, FB and also Allegro and they have ignored every single message.
I can show you screen shots from Allegro and emails that I have sent as proof that I am genuine!
Cargo pants 2 | 975
15 Apr 2020 #8
Aight man,PM me My pal texted he is in diff business now but he might be able to help you,dont think he will do it free but again its between him and you.I can vouch for my friends honestly,but who cares about that on net.I understand the frustration of your love for that big boys toys first hand.
OP BP12 1 | 4
21 Aug 2020 #9
'Cargo pants' ended up being all talk and no action but I was luckily enough to find someone else who helped. I received my parcel earlier this week :)

Btw I did come across parcelpoland in my search but I wasn't sure if they were reputable or not.

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