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23 Sep 2015 #1

I want to buy several stuff on but one time I reached the checkout of my cart I'd a look to the delivery methods and their costs ...

frankly I don't understand much the difference between them, and especially the available options for some of them look pricey to me.

Just some examples:
- For an item that costs 28zl I've only 3 available shpping methods: Przesyłka kurierska (17,00 zł), Pocztex Kurier48 (13,00 zł), Przesyłka kurierska (22,00 zł)
- For another item that costs 4zl I've all the shipping methods available but the cheapest are Odbiór osobisty po przedpłacie (0zl) and Allegro Paczkomaty InPost (7,99 zł, but actually when I select it it adds no fee)

- For an item that costs 6zl the delivery methods are in the range of 8zl to 12zl

Is this normal?
What kind of shipping method you would like to advise me?
Any expert allegro user here in the forum? I guess there are plenty :D

Thank you a lot!
Looker - | 1130
23 Sep 2015 #2
Is this normal?

It's hard to judge from a philosophical point of view, but yes - it is normal on Allegro. The shipping cost is practically part of the Item cost - sometimes even the largest part..

What kind of shipping method you would like to advise me?

First which one to avoid: 'List priorytetowy' and 'List ekonomiczny' - these are not registered parcels and therefore often conveniently lost by post in Poland.

Which to choose - every 'polecony' - the cheapest option with pick-up at home. List polecony ekonomiczny is slower, priorytetowy bit faster.
If it's something quite expensive or you need to get it up to 48 hours get the 'kurier'/'przesyłka kurierska' and similar.
The 'In post' option is very good for clothes/shoes, etc. because you can return every Item delivered via 'In post' without any shipping costs.
Polsyr 6 | 758
23 Sep 2015 #3
I sell heat pumps and other stuff on Allegro, and you have to remember, it is an e-marketplace (similar to ebay) where different sellers offer different ways of shipping (for example I only offer DPD at the moment). You are not actually buying from Allegro, but from a seller offering their goods via Allegro.

I once purchased a spare part (from a seller through Allegro) that cost 1 zloty, picked up myself because cost of shipping was 12 zloty. Totally normal.
OP Ekspat
23 Sep 2015 #4
Thanks a lot guys for the answers!

I guess for just one element of a very cheap good is better to go directly to Ikea, while even with shipping cost there are very good deals on more expensive stuff.
25 Sep 2015 #5
I need to add, that if you buy at you also should check, does the seller sent items abroad. Many of them do not - my husband is perfect example.
12 Aug 2016 #6

about shipping methods

I'm from Taiwan
and i want to buy something from Allegro.
But delivery methods and their costs I don't understand much the difference between them.
Thanks a lot!
Atch 21 | 4161
12 Aug 2016 #7
Many sellers on Allegro won't deliver outside Poland. I took a quick look at the link you provided and I didn't see anything mentioned about overseas delivery. The costs shown are for local delivery within Poland. Usually the only sensible choice is Kurier (courier). If you choose Poczta Polska, it will take forever and may not turn up at all.

The best thing you can do is to click the link 'Pytanie do sprzedającego' (ask the seller a question) on the right hand side of the page and enquire about costs and methods for delivery to Taiwan. Sellers on Allegro are a very mixed bunch, some will respond courteously to your message, some will ignore you and some will actually be rude to you! Bear in mind that unless you message them in Polish they will not be likely to respond as few of them speak enough English and any answer you do receive will be in Polish. Sometimes even when they answer you, they don't really give the information you need and you have to get back to them a couple of times to clarify things.

Would you not consider buying from Ebay or Amazon, they are much easier to use.
12 Aug 2016 #8
i just asked the seller could he send to my country or not.
thank you very much :)
larahollmes01 - | 11
10 Mar 2019 #9
Google this Poland Package Forwarding And Polish Address
19 Nov 2020 #10
I do not understand how to use inPost when I want to buy something. It asks for an address and then says it will send to that address. Do I have to look up the nearest inpost address near me and put that in? Or do I use my address and then try and choose inpost later in the delivery section. Very confusing.
Vieslav - | 2
12 Sep 2021 #11
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