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Water Well and costs

jasont 2 | 7
20 Mar 2023 #1
Hi all, I am curious if anybody has a rough idea of costs in digging a well. From reading there seems to be a lot of factors which can effect it but just curious on rough costings (the well would be in malopolskie - near zakilicyn) many thanks
Cargo pants 3 | 1,459
20 Mar 2023 #2
Google for companies that dig well in your area and get an at least 4 free estimates,make sure they get you reports for water quality.
jon357 72 | 21,196
20 Mar 2023 #3
From reading there seems to be a lot of factors which can effect it

Important to speak to neighbours, especially any with new houses who have done this recently. We have one (a very deep well) however it's been there for many years so we didn't have it drilled ourselves.
OP jasont 2 | 7
20 Mar 2023 #4
@Cargo pants @ jon357
Thanks will have a look and will certainly ask once we buy a house
Atch 19 | 3,872
21 Mar 2023 #5
Here is an article with up to date prices. Use Google Translate to make sense of it :) It also gives links to companies in different parts of Poland. It says that the average price in your region is 150-250 zl per metre.,Jak%20prawid%C5%82owo%20uk%C5%82ada%C4%87%20rury%20drenarskie%3F
OP jasont 2 | 7
21 Mar 2023 #6
@Atch thank you I will have a look tonight :) JASON

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