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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property.

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Sticky: Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate  2  3  4
103 - and are the most popular in poland...

Real Estateeleanoroconner - 18 Jan 2008 polishinvestor - 24 Aug 2018
Breaking Poland Property Rental Contracts
10 - Merged: I want to leave my flat before contract ends Hello, I want to leave my apartment...

Real EstateHomeSick BRIT - 21 Mar 2011 mastgsvdjdk - 11 Nov 2018
Mortgage for foreigner in Poland - experience anyone?
13 - Depends on your residence and financial status in Poland....

Real EstateAlexbrz - 17 Aug 2017 MoOli - 26 Oct 2018
Home loan for foreigners (not from EU) in Poland?
Warsaw buyer or sellers market? Houses around the Milanówek area
Landlords and flat owners in Poland - how do you choose your tenants?
Apartment rental in Poland: Termination of the agreement before the date
Finding land registry number by an address in Poland
New land law legislation in Poland will make life very difficult when it comes to selling.
21 - Yes, it's a good start, but I still reiterate the importance of being on site. You'll want to...

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 21 Mar 2016 delphiandomine - 29 Sep 2018
Closed: American whinging and whining when buying or renting property in Poland
1920s Polish Building construction in Lviv
4 - It is if you didn't buy from a rightful owner. As for your question I don't know how...

Real EstatePaulchick - 8 Sep 2018 Ironside - 9 Sep 2018
Good places to live in Krakow
Monthly Rental for a decent flat in Lodz - cost?
How to manage an inherited property? Does anyone own real estate in Poland while living in US?
3 - Main pitfalls you will find are going to be making it a tax efficient investment that doesnt draw attention...

Real EstateSamuelcieszynski - 7 Jul 2018 polishinvestor - 24 Aug 2018
Any recommendations for area to purchase small plot to build a detached house near Poznan?
Planning permission - buying a house in Poland
7 - What you could do - you can sign the preliminary purchase contract, but with the condition that you'll...

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 23 Aug 2018 delphiandomine - 24 Aug 2018
Problems after renting room in Krakow as student; I just got lease termination - bound to leave in 30 days
5 - Terri is right - grab your stuff and go. That is best for both of you. Don't assume...

Real EstateGodofwar86 - 1 Aug 2018 cms neuf - 5 Aug 2018
What is the rent of a house in Warsaw?
Is an inheritance decision by the court automatically registered in Poland Land Registry?
7 - i believe i read it on one of those polish law sites that you individually need to fill out...

Real Estaterysia21 - 14 May 2011 Salonista7 - 22 Jul 2018
Does commercial property rent relief exist in Poland ?
4 - I think for warehouses there's a reduced rate, or at least there was a few years ago. But you...

Real Estatespiritus - 28 Jun 2018 polishinvestor - 5 Jul 2018
Question about real estate purchasing permit in Poland
3 - thats good news, thanks Dovla!...

Real EstateAlexbrz - 28 Jun 2018 Alexbrz - 28 Jun 2018
Can a registered Poland tenant be kicked out, and unregistered ?
12 - This is the key, she needs to report him to the Police or the straz miejska, they have...

Real Estateanish_gdansk - 28 Sep 2010 dolnoslask - 24 Jun 2018
Use the evicted clause to terminate the contract in Poland
Renting in Poland - tenants' rights?  2
How much would it cost to build a house in Poland?
11 - The land was cheap because of no water or drains but we had to invest in our own well...

Real EstateMajaKochaMuminka - 21 May 2017 Richthecat - 10 Jun 2018
Poland Court confirmation of acquisition of inheritance
The tenant in Poland can't terminate the rent ?
Termination of fixed term lease in Poland
9 - normally in the contracts theres the clause to be evicted in case you dont pay the rent for 1...

Real EstateKochamPolska16 - 1 Aug 2016 krkgdn - 3 Jun 2018
Poland land ownership documents - what do they look like / where to obtain
15 - Yeah, I think the most likely scenario here is that he was conned out of some cash. It was...

Real Estaterozenstorm - 20 Jan 2010 delphiandomine - 21 May 2018
Tenants Rights in Poland - who should cover additional equipment costs of the apartment?
Best area in Krakow to live?  2
Selling property in Poland
Can a Non-European buy house in Poland?
14 - Merged: Indian citizen to buy a flat in Wroclaw - I am a working professional with temporary...

Real EstateArshad - 24 Sep 2011 tomhardy001 - 14 May 2018
Looking for a reputable Lodz Estate Agent & Solicitor
Renting out my appartment in Poland - how to do it properly
Polish law on inheritance and real estate  2
38 - I appreciate everyone's advice and feedback. Thank you!...

Real Estatecam1878 - 26 Sep 2012 JanP - 16 Apr 2018
Starting an English building company in Warsaw.
24 - Poland is quite difficult because of the system of public tendering - you don't have it in the...

Real Estaterobchops20 - 8 Apr 2018 delphiandomine - 15 Apr 2018
Real Estate Lawyer costs in Poland
Buying real estate in Poland advice
15 - I can give some help in 3city area, in real estate and mostly, with architecture....

Real Estatesebncfc123 - 8 Nov 2017 rafalr - 10 Apr 2018
Planning permission for garage building in Poland
5 - Hi there, I am by no means an expert here but we had a similar debate about building...

Real EstateDTok1972 - 11 Jul 2016 Richthecat - 23 Mar 2018
Polish property at public auction and best exposure
How do you register you agricultural land in the Land Registry of Poland?
Law and tenancy contracts in Poland  2
How to find a flat in Warsaw
Buying/Building a house in Poland/Wroclaw metro area
12 - look at that and are the most used sites. As for location its always going to be...

Real EstatenotInPLnow - 29 Apr 2010 polishinvestor - 28 Feb 2018
A tenant in Warsaw asked to leave
3 - As long as you have paid for the month - you can stay. If you have not paid -...

Real Estatenoskii - 16 Feb 2018 terri - 16 Feb 2018
Interested in moving our farm to Poland
6 - @SunshineAndB Hey Sunshine, I wonder if you succeeded in moving your farm? Radek...

Real EstateSunshineAndB - 28 Feb 2015 RadoslawCh - 12 Feb 2018
Inheritance law in Poland - My brother refuses to share profit from apartment sale
Need advice on selling two properties in Warsaw, good real estate agents recommendation
7 - Merged: Seeking info on the estate agents in Warsaw I wonder where one can find some ranking...

Real EstateLe Seigneur - 16 Aug 2013 Halina2 - 31 Jan 2018
Need advice on my stay in Krakow
12 - That's more or less right. You will like Kraków - there's plenty to do there and it's...

Real Estatevjharsha - 25 Jan 2018 jon357 - 25 Jan 2018
Looking to buy property in Poland - understanding the different types of ownership!
Landlord accuses of not paying rent. Poland.
Noise levels from a building site in Poland
Expatriate mortgages + Property in Poland
Electricity / Gas cost in Poland
9 - 1800 zl with bills ok....

Real EstateEsac - 21 Aug 2017 LongTermR - 3 Jan 2018
Mortgage in Poland (rules, rates, types, websites)?
Buying land to build on near Czestochowa
15 - Yes...

Real Estateanti_brexit - 2 Oct 2017 Dirk diggler - 24 Dec 2017
Farm for sale in Poland - how to find a buyer from other country?
Notice period with rental contract of flats in Poland
8 - Thanks @cms...

Real EstateEkspat - 24 Jul 2015 lgfox - 14 Dec 2017
Prefabricated houses in Poland
3 - Do you mean wood houses? If so, check this:

Real Estatearcile - 17 Nov 2017 AlejandroM - 17 Nov 2017

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