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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property.

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Sticky: Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate  2  3  4
112 - Merged: ee24 - Is this site a scam? Here is the site in question - A...

Real Estateeleanoroconner - 18 Jan 2008 RedTerminator13 - 9 May 2021
Interested in moving our farm to Poland
7 - Certainly, and he has just driven a tractor to some crossroads and is protesting....

Real EstateSunshineAndB - 28 Feb 2015 Alien - 22 Feb 2024
What is hardest with being a landlord in Poland?
Renting out my Polish apartment, while residing outside EU - where do I pay tax on rental income?
5 - If you want to keep it then that is the best course. Even if you get taxed it will...

Real EstateEliott - 8 Feb 2024 cms neuf - 8 Feb 2024
Advice needed on selling a house in Nysa, brokers in Poland
Real Estate Sold or Sale price
Can foreigner buy apartment in Warsaw, Poland?  2
Landlord in Poland - tenant laws, statue of limitation
26 - Shouldnt really matter if the lease was signed and it must and should have been mentioned about...

Real EstateAppreciateLife - 10 May 2013 Cargo pants - 27 Nov 2023
Canadian married to Polish wife and buying a house
5 - How little is sometimes needed to be happy....

Real EstateYota - 18 Jun 2023 Alien - 21 Nov 2023
Interior Architect Prices in Poland
How much is rent in Katowice?
Would you rent from me?
How is it being a landlord in Poland? Do poles pay their rent etc.?
Approximate cost for interior finishing.
Some questions about letting out apartments in Poland.
6 - Apparently you didn't receive any of my private mails either....

Real EstateSmietanka - 14 Nov 2023 Lyzko - 15 Nov 2023
Advertise on property prices and how to...
Rentals Deposit Return
Could you recommend a good property management company in Warsaw  2
Foundation - Underpinning
How do I rent a flat in Poland?  2
44 - Someone has to be....

Real EstateBritinPoland - 31 May 2011 Alien - 18 Aug 2023
Deposit not returned
Selling of commercial real estate in Poland
4 - Do what the real estate agencies do with a reduced price or ask friends who are in the business...

Real Estatecolleene13 - 20 Jul 2023 Cargo pants - 21 Jul 2023
Moving to the Katowice area soon! Safe neighborhood for an Irish man?  2
38 - excuse me , please i should go to live to katowice i'm an italian woman, but i have red...

Real EstateBrasstacks - 4 Dec 2011 susa82 - 2 Jul 2023
Polish real Estate law
6 - Thanks for the advices...

Real EstateHufrey - 15 Jun 2023 Hufrey - 18 Jun 2023
How would a lease affect my tax residency?
Seeking your insight for my rental situation
Polish landlord - Walks into my apartment without asking or when i am not at home and wants half rent in cash.  2
Property Sale Tax
2 - Where overseas exactly, stokrotka? Rules may vary, especially on tax related issues....

Real Estatestokrotka888 - 2 Apr 2023 Lyzko - 2 Apr 2023
Housing crisis in Poland.
Water Well and costs
6 - @Atch thank you I will have a look tonight :) JASON...

Real Estatejasont - 20 Mar 2023 jasont - 21 Mar 2023
Valuation of Inherited Real Estate in Poland for tax purposes?
What to buy for rent/live in Kielce (flat/apartment) - smaller and brand new or older and a bit bigger?
17 - ...yes, that solves the problems....

Real Estatermk87 - 12 Nov 2014 Alien - 9 Feb 2023
What does a plot of land cost on the outside of a city in Poland?
Should I rent a room without actually visiting it in Warsaw?
Is my water bill too high?
11 - Why are you so rude to people who only seek advice in the forum and didn`t harm you...

Real EstateKate23 - 25 Jan 2023 pawian - 26 Jan 2023
Cost of real estate in Przemysl
3 - Thank you for your good suggestion. Shavkat...

Real EstateShavkat72 - 23 Jan 2023 Shavkat72 - 23 Jan 2023
Avoiding planning permission. Or law on glamping pods in Poland.
Property Register and who registered at a property in Poland
Is there a website where I can see the information of second-hand houses or rent houses?
Resigning from a rent that is not rightfully made
Council future development Certification Required for Block housing Apartments before Sale
3 - thank very much,...

Real EstateSeberite - 23 Oct 2022 Seberite - 23 Oct 2022
Can a German Citizen buy a piece of Land to build house in Poland?
14 - That is a huge advantage....

Real EstateLarry - 20 Oct 2012 pawian - 15 Oct 2022
Purchasing apartment in the Polish border region as a foreigner
10 - What nationality is your son?...

Real EstateAndronicus - 18 Apr 2021 Alien - 7 Oct 2022
Moving to Poland to either buy or build a house
16 - It is not easy to get designated as a farmer - in your case virtually impossible It is...

Real Estatejasont - 31 Aug 2022 cms neuf - 23 Sep 2022
What is a contract with a want notary?
13 - Yeah, I understand loop holes and denial, it is just I am a bit hasty to get this done,...

Real Estateauezzat - 5 Sep 2022 auezzat - 11 Sep 2022
Can I buy land in Poland remotely?
14 - ??? I was serious. For Cojest`s sake....

Real Estateatlantic - 6 Sep 2022 pawian - 10 Sep 2022
Poland: the building boom goes on
Home builders in Poland?
16 - I was on a trip near Oswięcim yesterday. They build beautiful houses in Poland.🏰...

Real EstateStig514 - 2 Feb 2012 Alien - 12 Aug 2022
Forced to pay for an accommodation without a contract?
60% increase in rent (Warsaw, open-ended contract) - do I have to agree?
Rent in Poland without work contract.
4 - No, you can pay in advance for 6 or 12 month. I did it 25 yers ago without any...

Real Estatedunha - 23 Jul 2022 Alien - 23 Jul 2022
Polish law on inheritance and real estate  2
Websites to find an apartment for rent in Poland?
Dividing a property
4 - Yes you can put that in a deed - but needs to be done formally with a notary...

Real EstateDammest1 - 19 May 2022 cms neuf - 19 May 2022
Renovation for a twin family much do this cost now?
3 - Thanks for the link, will check this house, perhaps useful information might be there...

Real EstateDammest1 - 12 May 2022 Dammest1 - 16 May 2022
Kredyt Hipoteczny and Alimony
Neighbourhoods in Warsaw - how safe?
Use the evicted clause to terminate the contract in Poland
Buy Land in Poland and Build a House from Wood
Rental contract without a termination clause

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