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Could you recommend a good property management company in Warsaw

owenomahony 1 | 2
10 May 2008 #1
I recently acquired two 2 large bed apartement in Wilanow, Warsaw. I am looking for a company to manage the apartments for me. There does not appear to be many companies that provide this service in Poland. I would appreciate you help.
ss13 2 | 19
15 May 2008 #2
Try Alpha Consulting. Website is:
finT 12 | 167
15 May 2008 #3
I'm thinking of setting up just such a company in Warsaw specifically for expats to help with all the usual probs. If you're interested please PM me.
15 May 2008 #4
Alpha Consulting

They are utterly useless at the best of times. And charge a fortune for their laughable attempts too.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3504
15 May 2008 #5
ive heard they are pretty feeble as well
ss13 2 | 19
15 May 2008 #6
Well, they did a good job for me…I wouldn’t recommend something if I wasn’t satisfied myself :-)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3504
15 May 2008 #7
well thats fair enough

what did they charge you for their services?
ss13 2 | 19
15 May 2008 #8
1 m rent
15 May 2008 #9
For what?
Polanglik 11 | 303
15 May 2008 #10
1 m rent

I assume that's the fee for finding a tenant and not for ongoing management of the property.

The management of rented property is an area I am looking to get involved in also when I finally come over to live in Poland :o)
16 May 2008 #11
I assume that's the fee for finding a tenant and not for ongoing management of the property.

If it is, they saw him coming: normal rate is half a month's rent.
ss13 2 | 19
16 May 2008 #12
I feel kind of bad about owenomahony who came to this forum to get some help and it doesn’t look like he’s getting any. Instead ppl seem to stick to some completely different things (considering the original question). This seems to be happening all over the place at Many relevant to newcomers to Poland questions are either unanswered or answered extremely poorly. Usually, when people go to such forums they expect that the people answering their questions have somewhat good knowledge about the every-day things in the country (in this case Poland) and they are expecting an honest (positively worded) response. Many of you long-timers in this forum, might indeed be real specialist about the things in Poland, but for some reason this doesn’t come out in your response (which, frankly, are useless most of the time).

16 May 2008 #13
Look mate, if I wanted to be an ars*hole about this, I could have posted to the original poster "I'll help you out and I'll only charge three weeks' rental rather than the standard four", then got a Polish company to rent it out at two weeks' rental and kept the difference for myself. It's not big, it's not clever, but it would be profitable.

However, as you ask nicely, I will ask my friend (or at least, only semi-human I know who works in real estate) about property management and then post back. Will that do you?
ss13 2 | 19
17 May 2008 #14
that would be great! :)
TuckerMax - | 2
2 Aug 2008 #15
I'm new to the forum but hope not too late for my comment to be of help to owenomahony.

Our company, Leach & Lang Property Consultants, offers residential letting and management in Warsaw.

Please see for more information about our services. The best person to contact in Warsaw is Beata Lang.
OP owenomahony 1 | 2
10 Aug 2008 #16
Hi. I have two two new properties and if you think you can manage the properties for me I will gladly give you my business. Give me your proposal and we can talk. My email is omahonyowen@hotmail
ParisJazz - | 172
11 Aug 2008 #17

Ive been using a property management company to manage a few furnished properties I own in Warsaw for over a year now and they are brilliant. They also did the furnishing and sourcing out tenants.

PM me if u r interested

OP owenomahony 1 | 2
9 May 2009 #18
May 10, 09, 06:04 - Thread attached on merging:
Property Management Companies in Warsaw

I own two upmarket two bed apartments in Wilanow, Warsaw. The are both furnished to a high standard. I live in Ireland and I require a company that will let and manage the apartments for me. I have used a company for several months and they failed to find a tenant for me. Can you recommend such a company. I also will discount the property if someone on the forum wishes to rent the property from me. The apartments are 86 square metres. My email is omahonyowen@hotmail.
16 May 2009 #19

Is the normal rate that agents charge for finding a new tenant aro und the half month's rent? I was charged one month before (plus tax) and on top of that I pay 225PLN per month for essentially being my representative in Warsaw. I would welcome your thoughts as I am currently letting the apartment again.


19 May 2009 #21
Thanks for that. I asked my agent again earlier today and he said 1 month....
gbfreemm - | 1
19 Jun 2009 #22

If you're still using this property mgt co and consider them to be fair and trustworthy, can you provide contact details?

r1a - | 5
21 Sep 2009 #23

we have used DKM in warsaw for the last 6 years -they let and manage 12 apartments for us and we are very happy with them - they also speak English!
sean scotland
30 Sep 2009 #24
Hi will you be developing properties also as i am looking for work as a Project Manager in Poland
30 Sep 2009 #25
Hi, I am also an apartment owner in Warsaw and I am paying 1 month rent + vat for management fees plus the 225 a month. This seems very high to me. Can anyone give me a name of a company who will do it for cheaper? How easy is it to transition to a new company?

the company I am with have been able to find me tenants and have secured good rent....that is also a consideration I suppose but I think I am still paying over the odds. Maybe I can negotiate them down? Anyone got any experience of this?

Also, if anyone has any advice on maintenance fees...I am currently paying the maintenance fees as the landlord which seem to be very expensive. Should I be paying these or passing on the cost to the tenant?

Any advise would be very welcome,

TVO - | 3
1 Oct 2009 #26
Hi everyone I work for a property and facilities management company who cover not only Poland but all of the CEE. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the Best
2 Oct 2009 #27

send me your apartment details and I will send you our fees

delphiandomine 87 | 18070
2 Oct 2009 #28
Also, if anyone has any advice on maintenance fees...

Depends on what you wish to do - usually the charge will be loaded in there somehow, so either charge extra for the rent and pay the fees yourself, or make them pay themselves. It's quite common in Poland to have to pay these on top of the ret.
7 Oct 2009 #29
great, thanks for the advice. that is very helpful :)
agulka06 - | 1
16 Oct 2009 #30
if you will ever require good english speaking interior designer I recommend myself. I speak very good English has got the right expierience please and I am much around Poland try to call me on 0782134039


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