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Warsaw job with US experience (tech company)

26 Mar 2020 #1

I've been a long-time reader here, so I noticed that there are some folks who could hopefully share a meaningful insight on the topic. So, asking for a friend. He currently works in the US, in a management role at a major tech company (Facebook/Google/Apple/Amazon) after graduating with an MBA from a top-3 US Business School (Harvard/Stanford/Wharton). Not an American, not a Pole, but speaks Polish. He wants to move to Warsaw. What are the possible sectors/roles to look into? From the first impression, management consulting (McK, BCG) is viable, but the hours and travel are brutal there. Big US tech doesn't seem to have substantial presence in Poland. What are the companies (if any) that could potentially appreciate such profile.

Thanks very much!
DominicB - | 2,709
26 Mar 2020 #2
What are the companies (if any) that could potentially appreciate such profile.

Probably not many, if by "appreciate" you mean providing a level of compensation that is comparable to his present employer in the US. His best chance is to get a transfer to Poland by his present employer or other Western company with no reduction in wages. Since he speaks Polish, it is more likely that a well composed request based on a realistic, well researched plan would be take seriously.

Otherwise, he will most probably have to resign himself to a deep cut in wages, or, more precisely, in savings potential. That will almost certainly dampen any enthusiasm he has for working in Poland.

One area where he could make out like a bandit is b2b sales. If he speaks both English and Polish to near native level, and he has a proven b2b earnings record, then the world is his oyster.

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