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How do I rent a flat in Poland?

OP BritinPoland 6 | 121
1 Jun 2011 #31
listen to what British passport holders in Poland say.

OK, I will look into getting one of those if I stay on, thanks
peterweg 37 | 2,319
2 Jun 2011 #32
The rules covering visas for you to Poland are the same as for France or Germany.

Correct, there is no Visa requirement for any EU visitor to any other EU country.

Very odd to even mention it.
vndunne 43 | 279
2 Jun 2011 #33
Not sure if there is further confusion over the Visa thing, but thought i would mention about the Shengan zone.

The Schegan zone things does NOT affect whether you need a Visa or not. As an EU citizen you do NOT need a visa. What the Schegan zone relates to is the ability to cross borders without having to show your passport. Most of Europe i.e. EU contries is in the Schegan zone which means you can travel between countries with no border controls i.e. you dont have to show your passport. However, Uk (and ireland) opted out of this. I think it was because of terrorist threats and Uk wanted to keep an eye who was coming in and out of the country. All this means is that when you go to the UK, you have to show your passport. As stated before, this has nothing to do with requiring a Visa.

PS as a result of mass immigration, i think some coutnries are looking at re-introducing border controls.
Trolbert - | 15
2 Jun 2011 #34
How do I rent a flat in Poland?

This answer probably will be a bit too silly for you, but how about contacting someone who's advertising a flat?
abcdef - | 1
6 Sep 2011 #35
Merged: i am looking for flat to rent .

hello everybody .. honestly i am new in warsaw and i am looking for flat to rent .. but i don`t know how to search .. i didn`t find any website where i can search .. so if there is anyone over there able to help me with any information that will be a great favor .. greetings for all
gumishu 13 | 6,064
6 Sep 2011 #36
well you need to know some Polish to effectively look for some place for yourself - I don't think there is any reliable accommodation search site in English (not at this moment of the year - think students are in search of accommodation now)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
6 Sep 2011 #37 is in English - I used to teach the director of the site :)
londonpoland - | 3
7 Mar 2015 #38
Merged: Looking for rent a flat in warsaw ( 300 euros/month)

Thank You.
7 Mar 2015 #39
No chance. Figure on a minimum of 1600zl per month plus 200zl for bills. Unless you want to live in a dire neighbourhood.
jon357 71 | 20,799
7 Mar 2015 #40
Figure on a minimum of 1600zl per month plus 200zl for bills

And the rest. It ll depends on what the OP wants I suppose but worth remembering that anywhere with good transport links is at a premium, as are 1 or 2 room flats that aren't too small.

Gumtree is a good place to look.
johnh1 - | 1
13 Dec 2016 #41
Hello,I've just found an article about renting a flat in Poland, it's very helpful in my opinion:


They also help with finding a flat in Poland as far I know.

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