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Foundation - Underpinning

2 Sep 2023 #1
Hi everybody, my family and I have bought a house in Poland for renovation. I plan to do a lot of the work myself due to having a joinery business in the U.K. (and to help save money!) The property is 1970 and all looks good. Some cosmetic cracks but nothing severe. We are on a hillside in Malopolska. I believe the foundations should be underpinned and would prefer to do it anyway to prolong the life of the building and will be doing myself. However I would like some guided support and blueprints to depth etc. In the U.K. you would approach a structural engineer but we are struggling to find anybody here who can draw plans up. Are we looking at the wrong profession, who should we approach for plans, guidance etc? Any guidance/advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Jason

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