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Interior Architect Prices in Poland

Julien_fr 7 | 15
25 Mar 2016 #1

I am currently in the process of buying a flat in Poland, Krakow.
It will be on a developper state.

I'm trying to get some information about how much it might cost to fully furnish it, painting, kitchen, bathroom, floor, furnitures, etc.

It's a 2 bedrooms flat, 50 m².

Do you have any idea what could be the cost of everything, from discussion with an interior architect to the work done by contractors?

porky pok 2 | 127
25 Mar 2016 #2
Depends what you want from basic 30k Pln and up.
26 Mar 2016 #3
1. Make several Polish friends through facebook groups
2. Have them recommend decent people
3. Have them call these people for you and organize
4. Buy friends beer
5. Save insane amounts of money and have new friends

Make sure you get MULTIPLE offers from different sources. Ask local people how much they pay. Don't be the idiot everybody expects you will be.
OP Julien_fr 7 | 15
26 Mar 2016 #4

Thanks for your answers.

I have already started to talk about it with my polish friends and it seems that mostly it's their family members that took part of the work. A cousin, father ... for them it is not expensive but the overall work is quiet basic.

I am more looking for something a bit design for my flat.

I have received some quotations for interior architect :
from 60 pl / m2 to draw plans of the future flat up to 120 pl/m2 for most advanced plans (with electricity features, etc.).

More or less, it costs 4,000 pl for 50m2 flat to get the plans for further work.

What I am missing now is the prices of the actual work and furnishing.
My developer sent me some proposal, from 600 pl /m2 up to 1200 pl /m2 according to the standard.

But it only covers floors, bathroom, paintings, etc. I'm still missing the design/furniture.

I would like to know if it sounds reasonable to plan 50, 000 pln to cover everything in relatively modern standard? Not only white walls and a basic bathroom/kitchen.

From my internet research, they are dozen of offers.

If anyone has a feedback on it, I am really interested, thanks.
26 Mar 2016 #5
Salut Julien,

I've been through the same process, my flat in Krakow is nearly finished.

I hired this interior architect:

She prepared the plans (floor plan, electricity etc), made 3D renders of the project, designed the furniture in the kitchen and in the bathroom, hired workers and supervised the project while I was away (i.e. most of the time).

She's really good, and she was receptive to ideas I could have. I do recommend her from personal experience.

About the budget, it's going to depend a lot on the materials you're going to select, as you're going to find out.

For example, prince range for interior doors is roughly PLN 500 - PLN 5000 each.
Same with floors: some tiles can be 10x more expensive than basic ones - and with furniture made to measure: solid wood is much more expensive than MDF.

PLN 1K/m2 without movable furniture (sofa, tables, bed, chairs etc) is OK but you're not going to get anything too fancy.
Just be realistic and don't expect miracles: your budget is conditioning what the architect can achieve as by limiting the budget too much you also restrict access to materials.

If you want something nice, the ballpark is rather PLN 1.5K/m2 to PLN 2K/m2. That's for good quality stuff, I'm not talking of luxury.

If you have specific questions, go ahead!

Bon courage ;)
mcm1 2 | 81
26 Mar 2016 #6
I am pleased someone has given you a more realistic idea. I was just going through some paperwork here for work we have had done and it appears that we have expensive tastes.

For kitchen works, built to order (including fitting) it came out at just over 5850m2
Bathrooms were average. 2850m2
OP Julien_fr 7 | 15
26 Mar 2016 #7
Salut Niczko,
Dzieki za info.

I'm living in Krakow but I prefer to have someone local to supervise the work. That's why having a "full package" from design to end of work is welcome.

I will contact the person you mentioned to have a first meeting.

According to what you said, it is realistic to plan 1.5k/m2 to have something interesting. Then I need to buy also all movable furniture (sofa, tables, bed, etc.).

So it could be (50m2 x 1.5PLN) + furniture

Any idea, what could be the price of everything (furniture included)?

Also, do you have any pictures of your final flat to be shared?

26 Mar 2016 #8

Get in touch with Pani Nowicka, she's the one to talk about the budget.

Rather than me posting pictures, you can come over and have a look by yourself. The flat is totally empty now apart from permanent furniture. It's located near the train station (Krakow Glowny).

Feel free to contact me: niczko(maupa)interia(kropka)pl


(PS. Je suis francophone)
mcm1 2 | 81
26 Mar 2016 #9
Sorry, but I thought this was a genuine request for advice.
It would appear that it is just an advertising campaign, judging by the website it needs all the help you can get.
26 Mar 2016 #10
Sorry? Well, I think you have good reasons for being sorry, judging by the way you allow yourself talking about things you don't know.

Julien has now my phone number and is welcome to see by himself. Certainly more valuable than your anonymous ranting.
OP Julien_fr 7 | 15
27 Mar 2016 #11
I confirm, Niczko provided me his contact details and he is willing to show me the currently stage of his flat. Also he sent me some pictures, after/before.

Very helpful and willing to help.
20 Nov 2023 #12
Can anyone give an update for 2023? We are about to find an architect for 130m2 house. Roughly what should we expect to pay? We are assuming 20k but that is based on nothing other than a hunch
Alien 18 | 4,750
20 Nov 2023 #13
We are about to find an architect for 130m2 house

You don't need an architect for a house like this. Construction companies have ready-made designs.

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