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Canadian married to Polish wife and buying a house

18 Jun 2023 #1
So after searching many sites I am hoping someone knows. I am Canadian. She is Polish. Looking to buy a house. Do I need to get permission to purchase a home with my wife. Or does someone know. Married in Canada and live there full time with 3 month visits yearly to visit her family. On line it says foreigners must apply for a permission. But not clear if it applies with being married to a Polish person.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,637
18 Jun 2023 #2
Yes,you do need permission to buy any kind of land which is included in a house even if you are married to a Polish citizen.It is easy though but takes cpl of months.
8 Sep 2023 #3
Hi Yota, I'm also a Canadian who's married to a Polish woman and we actually just (August 2023) bought a property here in Poland, so I can share some real-world experience:

If it's leasehold, you as a foreigner can own it solely, or jointly with your wife. If it's freehold-or any part of the property is freehold-you as a foreigner will not be allowed to own it either solely, or jointly with your wife; you would need to become a Polish citizen first (a two- to three-year process, as you have a Polish spouse).

We purchased a flat (which is usually leasehold) but since flat owners in our building also jointly own some of the land around the building (freehold) my wife had to be the sole owner.

In order to accomplish even this, there was additional paperwork that was required-necessitated by the fact that we are married-clearing the way for her to make the purchase in her name only. Once I attain citizenship, it's a small administrative matter to establish joint ownership of the property.

I wouldn't say it was particularly complicated, but you and your wife obviously have to be very comfortable with this arrangement. If you're purchasing through an agency, they can hold your hands through the process.

I know this is a few months late to your question, but I hope it's still useful.

(By the way, we're extremely happy here in Poland, and in our new family home-I wish you luck!)
pawian 222 | 23,657
8 Sep 2023 #4
we're extremely happy here in Poland,

Decent people always feel happy living in decent countries. :):):)
Alien 18 | 4,757
21 Nov 2023 #5
people always feel happy

How little is sometimes needed to be happy.

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