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Buying a house and staying away from the border

MarieAntoinette 1 | 65
1 Feb 2021 #1
Hi Y'all
does anyone here can refer to the law where it states how many kilometers you need to stay away from the border when you buy a house?

We are looking at houses in the area of Karpacz, which is around 4 km away from the Czech border.
We are European citizens.
OP MarieAntoinette 1 | 65
1 Feb 2021 #2

Unclarity about the property you are allowed to buy in Poland when it is a freestanding house

we have decided to buy a house in Dolnoslaskie
I have contacted about 5 lawyers to get some clarity about the law, for buying a property as a foreigner who is an EU citizen (Holland)

I read the law myself, but still doesn't give me 100% clarity
( I guess that is the purpose, we need to keep these lawyers alive as well)

So, as far as I think I have found out:
a European citizen can buy any land that is smaller than 4000 m² without having to ask for any permits to the government
when the land is smaller than 4000 m², the land can have any purpose, even forest or agriculture

I'm referring to the act of 24 March 1920,Acquisition-of-real-estate.html
the law that everybody is always referring to

then my unclarity is the following:
what if the land is not designated as agricultural land or forest land?
Then what is the maximum, if any?
What other types of designations for the use of the land are there?
What if it is recreational? Or commercial?
Is there then still the maximum of 4000 m²? Or another maximum? Or no maximum?

does anybody here have any experience with this?
Sisi_Zakopane - | 2
14 Mar 2021 #3
All in all you will have to contact the local authorities.
You want to buy an existing house. Thats fine for everyone- EU citizens the same like locals. This house has already some land - that is outlined on local plans, the bordes of the ground stay like this. If more land is needed you contact the local authority.. they will tell you about the designations in that special case. E.g. if there is an obligation to build/ restriction. You can only buy as is written in the cadastre of muncipality. Too close to somewhere isnt possible - the owner counts.

Home / Real Estate / Buying a house and staying away from the border
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