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Deposit not returned

Popi68 1 | -
12 Aug 2023 #1
We moved out of Poland after 2 years and the landlord failed to return 2700 zl from our deposit claiming window cleaning. He did not mention anything during the thorough handover, nor is it required by the contract and the state if the property was much better vs when we moved in. Any suggestion hiw we can convince them to return our deposit?
jon357 72 | 21,122
12 Aug 2023 #2
the landlord failed to return 2700 zl

Normal enough in PL. You may as well cut your losses and forget it. If you're still angry, write to the tax office telling them, how much you paid your landlord, how long you were there, and (if you've got such a thing) proof of payments. Include a copy of the contract if you still have it.

Unfortunately Poland doesn't have a system like the UK where deposits are held centrally and any landlord has to prove their claim if they want to keep all or part. And if such a system existed here, landlords would do whatever they could to illegally get round it.

Given their reluctance to part with money, it's best to time your departure discreetly so the deposit acts as the last payment. They hate that but wouldn't think twice about doing it themselves.
Korvinus 3 | 356
12 Aug 2023 #3
Adam Smith, the god-emperor of capitalism called landlords parasites. Landlords are a bug of capitalism that ought to be removed.
jon357 72 | 21,122
12 Aug 2023 #4

Poland pre-war (and afterwards) had it right with housing associations often connected to professions. As did Britain with (member-owned) building societies. Better than renting from the city who often get it wrong and better than renting from bottom feeding 'landlords' most of whom are about as far from being a 'Lord' as it gets.

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