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Renting in Poland - tenants' rights?

19 Jun 2018 #31
Ok.. i will not worry then haha! But by any chance do you know what is this record she is talking about ??
Thank you :)
Atch 22 | 4,128
19 Jun 2018 #32
She's talking rubbish. There is no such thing as an EU record of people who've been involved in civil disputes such as landlord/tenant disputes and no, you won't be arrested. In theory, you do owe her the last month's rent as usually you're not allowed to use your deposit for that but you haven't committed any crime and the police won't come after you.
19 Jun 2018 #33
Oh thank you very much Atch I can breath a bit more now :-)
MF321 - | 1
19 Jun 2018 #34
Did you give her your passport or residency details??
20 Jun 2018 #35
No I didn't .. but you mean residency in Canada ?
Atch 22 | 4,128
20 Jun 2018 #36
He means residency in Poland I imagine, but it doesn't matter. Even if she has your passport number (if you used your passport as ID and she wrote down the number) there is no way that you will have your passport flagged for breaking a tenancy a month early and leaving your deposit as rent.
9 Oct 2020 #37
hello, I'm student i had a problem with my landlord we signed the contract from 30.04.2020 to 31.08.2020 he added this September but it's was not included in the contract so i left the house on 28.9.2020 and i already told him my decision before and that's why i left earlier i payment my bills on time, because he wanted me to sign one year contract and it was risky for me Couse the room was expensive to me while checking out he told me he would deduct -100zl for electricity bills and -50zl to wash to bed cover they ware some marks to me it was reasonable , and the rest will be transferred to my account in five business days he also wrote in my contract that everything was fine so i left the apartment and gave him the keys that day. on the fifth day on 3.10.2020 he didn't send the payment but instead he sent me an email of things he described as damaged with pictures after five days that i left the apartment and set a new price it says that i damaged the mattress which -450zl ,also damaged the walls -250zl and the bills again -100 i gave him the deposit of 1350zl which he would only return back 550zl and he told me that other was going to repair damaged things that was already there when i rented the room he sent the deducted deposit on 05.10.2020 only 550zl i wrote him an appointment letter to discuss those things in person he didn't answer help me what can i do ?
pawian 224 | 24,456
9 Oct 2020 #38
what can i do ?

30 years ago you could threaten him with sending a gang of Russian tough guys to his place. Today it doesn` work anymore. hahaha
So, you can go to court but that will cost you time and probably some money too if you decide to hire a lawyer. However, if he loses the case, the lawyer costs will be refunded to you.

he also wrote in my contract that everything was fine so i left the apartment and gave him the keys that day.

The court will certainly take this entry into a serious consideration.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,510
10 Oct 2020 #39
30 years ago you could threaten him with sending a gang of Russian tough guys to his place. Today it doesn` work anymore.

You still living in La La land.
pawian 224 | 24,456
10 Oct 2020 #40
I didn`t watch the film so I have no idea what this allusion is about. :::::)
mafketis 37 | 10,908
10 Oct 2020 #41
La la land predates the movie and "living in la la land" means "you're living in a fantasy world"....
pawian 224 | 24,456
10 Oct 2020 #42
Oh, I see. Good to know.

Cargo, it is not fantasy when I said that threatening sb with sending Russian gansters doesn`t work anymore. The threat works fine when people are intimidated and give in without delay. However, I wouldn`t succumb to this threat so easily and probably most people here either. They would have to actually send those gangsters to me and millions of other resisting guys and the results might be different. Don`t you think they would soon run out of Russians ????? hahaha
7 Dec 2020 #43
My daughter signed a contract for a year for. A Room in Wroclaw. Her dad died and she had COVID and she just needs to come home as she is very depressed and ill. The problem is she fled the room as they ( owners niece) is a bully, she said she lost the key of my daughters room and they went in her room hen she was not there! Heating was only from 7-11 they said and the owners niece had a dog who came into the room whenever he wanted. The last straw was the bullying in telling her how and when to clean and knowing they were in her room uninvited!

The agency says she has to solve ll those problems herself and for the contract to be invalid she has to find another tenant and unti then will have to pay the rent!

Please help us as this really makes her ill! After all this is the contract not invalid anyway? And how can she get her deposit back? She already paid till the end of December and left her room empty and clean.

Help needed. Thank you
cms neuf 1 | 1,803
7 Dec 2020 #44
Home is the UK ?

Forget about paying the owners for the rest of the year - there is little they can do about it. It's too small an amount to take to court and in any case there is a huge backlog of small cases because of COVID - that backlog will get longer.

Even if it did go to court then she has a good reason - her family circumstances and health.

But you will also have to forget about the deposit. Let them keep it - it's a fair compromise
2 Apr 2024 #46
Hello,can you please assist.I terminated my contract this April of which it was supposed to end in August.I looked for someone to take over my room and found the person.I informed the landlord that I'm moving but l found someone to replace me .The reason for telling my landlord and looking for someone was in hopes of getting my security deposit back.So now the landlord refused to give me back the deposit but he instructed the person whom l looked for to pay both security deposit and house rent.Is there anyone l can get the security deposit back or all my efforts of looking for someone to replace me were in vain.
Alien 20 | 4,998
2 Apr 2024 #47
Is there anyone l can get the security deposit back

Yes, hire a lawyer.
2 Apr 2024 #48
Hiring a lawyer won't it be more expensive than the deposit itself ?
Alien 20 | 4,998
2 Apr 2024 #49
Does the deposit correspond to 3 months' rent?
2 Apr 2024 #50
Alien 20 | 4,998
3 Apr 2024 #51
That's good, a lawyer should be cheaper. However, it is best to agree on the costs and intentions of the lawyer during the first conversation. The matter seems simple, one letter should be enough. Take the younger one, maybe he/she will be cheaper. Unfortunately, there are no price lists for lawyer services in Poland, as there are in Germany.

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