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Renting a car in Jelenia Gora

Suezeekay 2 | 4
6 Mar 2010 #1
I will be in Jelenia Gora for three weeks in July for some dental work. I have looked around online and all I can find are exhorbitant rates (>1,000 USD) at the airport in Wroclaw. Does anyone have an online source that might have local car rental agencies in Jelenia Gora? It comes up on Google but then it ends up to be Wroclaw. Just on the off chance.....
tadoz 2 | 35
26 Mar 2010 #2
I've checked with our local car hire companies and you would be up for anything from 90zl to 130zl a day, at the current exchange rate this would translate to approximately $650 to $950US (link to car hire companies in Jelenia Gora:óra/q_Samochody+-+Wynajem/1

, alternatively you could fly to Dresden and hire a car there...
dnz 17 | 710
26 Mar 2010 #3
Hire from a larger company, Hertz, Budget and the like as a local polish company is more likely to rip you off with extra charges, Insurance penalties etc.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
12 Jan 2021 #4
Funny thing is, this advice has completely changed these days. Local Polish companies are reliable and trustworthy, while the bigger companies are using the same tricks as they use elsewhere. If you're in Jelenia Góra, I'd recommend also checking out carsharing companies - for instance - the price is very favourable, especially with how easy they are to use.

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