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Moving to Boston, UK soon and need some advice about renting/finding a cheap flat for us

quatr0 1 | 7
1 Dec 2014 #1
Hi everyone!

I'm about to move to Boston in January with my friend and need some advice about renting/finding a cheap flat for us, is there somebody who may help me find some good stuff? I'd also like to ask if we can share one room together and pay by half (idk if I can say like that). I mean if we share one room with 2 beds, for instance if it costs 100 pounds then I give 50 pounds and my friends gives another 50 pounds, is this possible or rather not?. Thanks in advance! ;)
Wulkan - | 3,243
1 Dec 2014 #2
Two lonely girls looking for a stranger on the internet to help them in a foreign country? You sound like you are asking for trouble. Don't you know anyone over there?
OP quatr0 1 | 7
1 Dec 2014 #3
It's ok cuz I'm a man, my friend who's going with me is female so chill ;)
Wulkan - | 3,243
1 Dec 2014 #4
Oh sorry I didn't look properly :o
pigsy 7 | 305
1 Dec 2014 #5
you didnt mention for how long?Usually the flats/apartments require 1 and 1/2 month security and 1 month rent in advance with 1 year lease.And beware 1 year means one year as landlords tend to go to court and get a judgement against your credit for the whole years rent.And also you didnt clarify if the flat has to be furnished or not?For quick answer some hotels like Ramada inn,mariott,best western etc also rent short term studios or flats which are relevantly cheaper and furnished with appliances and pots and pans,maybe you should look into that if its a short term rental.Also if you have a car you can be better off renting in suburbs in hotels.

sorry,forgot to add craiglist and backpage can be very helpfull also.
OP quatr0 1 | 7
1 Dec 2014 #6
Thanks for replying,
well.. Both of us are going to work there, and I'm planning to stay there at least 6 months, we will see. I'm just looking for simple room that we can rent and share together, we have no car so don't need any garage or somethin like that and yeah, the room should be furnished, we're not demading, rather modest ;) I'd also like to ask for some links that I can check out
1 Dec 2014 #7
I'm just looking for simple room that we can rent

Try this website:

You can advertise under the rooms wanted section as well as looking through the rooms available to rent.
4 Dec 2014 #8
I am a Sales and Leasing Agent working for a company in Boston and i can help you find the right place. What would be the best way for me to get in touch with you, can you give me your email address or phone number or you can email me at Also do you speak Polish?
4 Dec 2014 #9

Boston UK, not MA
Rani 6 | 17
10 Nov 2016 #10
Merged: Renting a studio in London?

Dear Members,

Sorry for asking this question on a forum dedicated completely to a different country. But, since a lot of Polish (myself being Polish as well) currently live and work in the UK, i need some help.

Where can i find cheap small studio apartments for rent on the outskirts of London? of course transportation to the center of London is very crucial.

If anyone can help on this, it's much and greatly appreciated.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,869
10 Nov 2016 #11
there is nothing 'cheap' in London - surely if you live in the UK you must know that....
You can go to an area that you like, for example a town like Croydon or Borehamwood, and look around in newsagents windows, maybe put your own ad up.

good luck.
10 Nov 2016 #12
JacekthePole 1 | 51
20 Nov 2020 #13
You don't need advice from Brits, i've been in Boston, there are more of us poles there than brits

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