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Renting flat/apartment with dog Gdansk?

28 Oct 2011 #1

I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be difficult to rent an apartment/flat with a little well-behaved dog in Gdansk (preferably Wrzeszcz)? We are planning to move next May and have a border terrier.

Where would you look for it? I have seen most advertisements don't state anything about pets.

Thanks Jars
28 Oct 2011 #2
Yes on Gumtree in Poland posted adverts mention if pets are welcome or not
28 Oct 2011 #3
but not in your day-to-day newspapers and their classifieds websites

Jars77 when you contact the owners just ask if it's all right for you to keep a dog (and state the breed and how big it is) - in some cases the owners will object, in most cases they won't
OP Jars777
28 Oct 2011 #4
Thank you guys! Really helpful! I will do that. Is looking on any good or gumtree better?
28 Oct 2011 #5
When my wife looked for an apartment (in Wrzeszcz) she asked the owner about if this was a problem to have a pet (we have a german shepherd). And apparently this wasn't a problem for this person. And my dog is quite calm, only has damaged the wall as scratches there when sometimes is alone (but we have repaired it in past-and again the wall with a hole for now). In my opinion, as in Wrzeszcz the flat is in an old building this is not a big deal for the owner in comparison to rent a flat completely new. So maybe this could also influence about the possibility of having pets in your future flat. Well, just my experience. Good luck, hope to see you soon around here future neighbor :D
OP Jars777
28 Oct 2011 #6
Hey elioug.

Thank you for your reply. We have a 5 year old border terrier and currently she is behaving more like a cat rather than a dog. She never barks and is generally very shy. So hopefully a landlord wouldn't mind.

Yes, I will let you know where we move. If you see anything nice coming up for May 2012 would be grateful if you'd let me know.

28 Oct 2011 #7
Well I am not in the business of looking for flats :D anyway good luck with this. For sure i know there are many websites in internet (in polish) so try to learn some basic words and you will get a big door to new opportunities of flats in any price / any condition. Adding to this about Wrzeszcz its like and old district but in my opinion is well located in the city so it wouldn't be a bad choice to stay there. Greetings.
OP Jars777
1 Nov 2011 #8
Thank you elioug! Yes, I will start looking on Polish websites nearer the time. I think to look now is far too early. Thanks
29 May 2012 #9
Hi Jars777!

If you are still looking for a flat in Gdansk, I have a newly renovated flat in a historical brick building right next to Gdansk's famous Shipyard for rent and I am absolutely fine with a dog or any other pets, as I am an animal lover myself. The flat is a 10-minut walk to the Old Town, and two minutes to the train, bus, and tram stations. There are two bedrooms (one with a single bed, the other a bed for two) and a living room (with a comfortable couch for two). If you're interested please contact me at karolina.skowron(at)hotmail, I can send you pictures and give you more information :)
21 Jun 2016 #10
Merged: HELP! Looking for an apartment in Gdansk during summer

Hello guys,

This summer I'll be doing an internship in Gdansk, and it's been a month since I've started looking for an apartment, but with no luck. I don't speak Polish, and I call people from another country, so people just don't answer, don't speak English or say that the apartment is reserved already. I need the apartment from July to October, so it might be that people don't want to rent for such a short term or they don't trust the foreigners.

Could you give me any advice? I don't have any friend from Poland who would help me with this, and employer doesn't seem interested to help me (I guess they don't have to help me with this?)
21 Jun 2016 #11
from July to October


That's a short term SUMMER rent, and that will cost you big, big money in Gdansk in summer. My advice is to rent in Tczew, or away from the coast. Believe me, you DO NOT want to try renting in Gdansk in summer, unless money is no problem, that is.

OR: Try some websites where students are away, and their flatmates are looking for someone to take their place for summer. Younger people here will point you to those sites:)
21 Jun 2016 #12
Hi Dougpol1,

Well, my job is in Gdansk so I found it appropriate to look for a flat there? I saw a wide range of prices and a lot of apartments, but people just tell me they are reserved, although I call an hour after the advert comes out on the internet. I was hoping to find something for up to 2000 PLN including bills. Is that not enough?

I called 50 - 70 people with a flat in that price range, most don't answer, some don't speak English and some say it's reserved.
21 Jun 2016 #13
I was hoping to find something for up to 2000 PLN including bills. Is that not enough?

Well you see, short term summer rents are a tough one. What date in July are you coming? I am going out now, but you can PM me and I will reply later, as I can ask around all my contacts. You should widen your possibilities though, to a 30 kilometre radius, on the line of the suburban railway.
21 Jun 2016 #14
Now I see my post was merged here :) I can't PM you because I'm new. I'd appreciate if you could ask your contacts if they have a flat to rent in Gdansk. I definitely don't have a dog and don't need a pet-friendly flat :D
14 Oct 2017 #15

Accommodation in Gdansk for a foreigner

I am traveling to Gdansk soon to work there. I don't know polish and it's the first time for me to travel there.

Currently, I am looking for accommodation. I googled and found many polish websites for renting.

My question, is there any website that I can book from it online? Do I have to meet the owner before renting me? If you any idea how can I start this, I would be thankful.
23 Oct 2017 #16

Looking for apartment in Gdansk? Available from november

Hi All,

I am currently relocating to Gdansk and wondering does anyone have any tips on finding an apartment in Gdansk and also what are the best areas I should focus my attention on. What is the rough price range also realistically for a nice apartment in a good area?

Thanks in advance

24 Oct 2017 #17
What is the rough price range

This link is in Polish unfortunately, but it will give you an idea of price. When you say apartment, do you mean a studio? If that is the case you need to look for a one room apartment. The number of rooms in Polish ads for apartments don't include the kitchen and bathroom. Bills are usually extra, and beware of something called czynsz which is an extra monthly charge for services such as rubbish collection, water etc. This amount can be quite high so you need to know exactly what you are paying for beforehand. Don't sign a contract unless you understand exactly what it means either. If possible, take someone Polish with you.
8 Mar 2019 #18

What is the best place to live in Gdansk

Hi everyone,

I am relocating from Brazil to Gdansk permanently next month.
I arrive in Gdansk on April and I am now looking for a 2 person apartment. I will need to get to the train stop called 'Gdansk Przymorze Universytet' to work 5 days a week. I don't speak any polish and I do not know anyone in the city.

Thanks for your help!
8 Mar 2019 #19
Lots of threads here about Gdansk/Tri-City. Try the district of Wrzeszcz. Avoid Zabianka and a housing estate called "Fala" (wave). And never go down to Nowy Port. Other than those you'll be alright.
14 Jun 2019 #20

Rental apartment in Gdansk

Can you please suggest website to book rental apartment?
I have checked many websites and all show only fully furnished apartment available. Are all rental apartment fully furnished in Poland?
or unfurnished apartment can be rented?
Also, can you please help me to understand general lease break charges?
16 Jun 2019 #21
or unfurnished apartment can be rented?

I must say I haven`t seen too many offers for unfurnished apartments. If you sign a contract for a few years. then the landlord may bother to empty the property for you. But such contracts are quite rare, I suppose.

Also, can you please help me to understand general lease break charges?

Charges can be different depending on the contract.
3 May 2020 #22

Looking for flat in GDANSK.


I will be relocating to Gdansk and will be working for Amazon in Olivia Business center. I am looking to rent an apartment(1bhk) in Gdansk, I understand that Sopot is closer to Olivia center. Still looking for good options in Gdansk, so looking forward to get some suggestions on near by residential area. I am looking to have my commute time for around 10 mins to Olivia.

Any suggestions and inputs and welcome.

3 May 2020 #23
I understand that Sopot is closer to Olivia center.

Olivia Business Center is in Oliwa, that is in Gdańsk.

But, yeah, Sopot is not far. You can also look for a flat in Przymorze, Osowa or Żabianka - all nearby. There's a lot of residential areas within walking distance from OBC, so you should be able to find something. Good luck.

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