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Avoiding planning permission. Or law on glamping pods in Poland.

dean phibbs 1 | 1
17 Apr 2021 #1
Hello everyone. Im dean and I am new here. I have been traveling across Europe with my family (Polish/Irish) for the best part of a year now the_rusty_van on instagram if you're interested 😀..anyway we have landed in Poland. ( my partner is polish) we both love it here and have decided to buy a house here ( already picked and in the process) were super excited. Being a full time traveller we know what van lifers need and feel we could use our property as a boutique campsite and campground for vans and also offer a unique glamping experience. I would appreciate some information on let's say small building laws that wont need planning permission or camping trailers or glamping pods.

With the vans coming we already have a
( temporary land rental form we can work with once our guy looks over the legalities) -- topic for another day..

We appreciate you're help we are building a list for our solicitor to answer too but with so many knowledgeable people on these forums its a good place to start.
amiga500 3 | 1,260
17 Apr 2021 #2
with so many knowledgeable people on these forums

You're having a laugh right Guv?
OP dean phibbs 1 | 1
17 Apr 2021 #3
No im not. People have already done what im about to do. And with that comes knowledge. Its good to have forums like this because you never know who is using them. Even the smallest amount of information helps when you want to know something new.
3 Jan 2023 #4
Hey Dean. Welcome to Poland. I am opening a small glamping site and have found that firstly you must at least inform the local office your intentions in writing possibly with a sketch of what you plan to have on there. If you hear nothing back within a month all should be OK. I'd be considerate about any neighbours too. Extra traffic and noise could ruffle feathers. Make friends with them and encourage them to embrace the idea as tourism boosts property sales and local businesses will be better off. I found little information on regulations and requirements so I am just going by uk campsite laws when it comes to facilities. Plenty of washrooms toilets safe fire pits etc. We are in luck as Poland is encouraging tourism. They want there own to holiday here.

Home / Real Estate / Avoiding planning permission. Or law on glamping pods in Poland.
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