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Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate

3 May 2016 #91
I would also recommend polish estate concierge .com - very professional services
29 Nov 2016 #92
statistics show that polishestateconcierge has less than 10 website visitors in the last year.

MarkTob, it looks like your business is not going very well, you'll probably not afford the webhosting anymore soon.

The fact that you can't even afford an office in Poland, says everything.

And nowadays, anyway everyone uses OLX for free
country girl - | 6
3 Jan 2017 #93
To bickerstonehall
Well, my property is very descent, lovely, & is in the country, but it is up north near Elbląg. I must move so I am selling it.

To tampin
I live in the country near Elbląg & must move, so I'm selling my country home, barn, & 2+ hectares. Beautiful views, very natural, with a wooded section, & rolling hills. House & barn have many old original features.
Boom Boom
3 Jan 2017 #94
How much are you selling it for and what is your contact info?
country girl - | 6
5 Jan 2017 #95
To @Boom Boom:
The name of my real estate agent is Łukasz Wirgowski at Braniewskie Biuro Nieruchomości. Address: ul. Kościuszki 108/2 14-500 Braniewo. E-mail: If you don't speak/write Polish well, it would be good to have someone who does, be nearby when you talk/write to him.
5 Jan 2017 #96
Country girl had a look at the site. I am guessing yours is the one with 800 value ?
country girl - | 6
5 Jan 2017 #97
To After2020: Yes, that's mine:) We have had many wonderful yrs of country living in this house & on this property.
23 Jul 2018 #98
Anybody familiar with rent flat poland .com ?
jax79 1 | 1
18 Aug 2018 #99

Is there a website in Poland like Rightmove that displays all properties for sale?
terri 1 | 1,664
18 Aug 2018 #100
you can try 'nieruchomosci' and then put the location where you want to buy.
mafketis 35 | 11,671
18 Aug 2018 #101
Also sometimes Polish real estate offices use the term 'immovables' in English (it's a direct translation of 'nieruchomości' which might be a direction translation of the German term 'Immobilien')
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
18 Aug 2018 #102
Similar expression in Dutch "onroerend goed", lit. "non-movable goods".
Just an aside, not directly related to topic thread:-)
polishinvestor 1 | 362
24 Aug 2018 #103 and are the most popular in poland
9 Dec 2018 #104
You search for we have some very nice apartments for sale.

You can search for polin-invest.
We have very nice apartments for sale in Krakow.
13 Jan 2019 #105

Property sales price database - Poland

Hello all,

Does anybody here know if there's a website or other public record where you can find out how much property was sold for in Poland? Like in the UK if you view property on a certain street on say Rightmove or Zoopla it will list the sales price of property sold within that area.

Many thanks... in advance
13 Jan 2019 #106
Guess that's a no then?
johnny reb 40 | 7,725
13 Jan 2019 #107
Yes there is.....
Sign up as a member here and you may get more co operation.
Many members here will not respond to guest posters.
Also MoOli will be on later and he knows for sure.
Ask him as he is a very knowledgeable on this topic and a very nice guy.
Never panic......
13 Jan 2019 #108
Cheers Johnny.

I'd be willing to pay somebody for information regarding a certain properties sales price.

Is Delphi still about?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
13 Jan 2019 #109
Just saw your PM.

No, there isn't, unfortunately. Depending on the circumstances, you can petition the court responsible for processing the sale to release that information. For instance, if a property was sold as part of an inheritance, then you would be within your rights to find out how much the asset was sold for if you were entitled to inherit part of the assets.

Or, if you intend to buy the property, you can check the property register - more info here - - you should always ask the prospective seller to give the number so that you can check that everything is legitimate before signing even a pre-contract.
MoOli 9 | 480
13 Jan 2019 #111
I always have my notary do that.I really don't care what the seller bought the property for only how much he is selling for.There is no set price of property anywhere.Be carefull Poles rent out the property at higher prices and value it with 6 to8% return.I just bought one on Belverdeska in Warsaw for 10k pln a sq m which is cheap by warsaw commercials.Residentials are a bit different.If you need a good reliable and reasonably priced notariusz in Warsaw let me know.Her husband is an American and a very good pal of mine.

Also be careful with the VAT and if you are a VAT payer you will get it all back depending how you pay them(I pay them monthly so I always get my refunds in a months time from Ujzad Skarbowe)
RedTerminator13 2 | 3
9 May 2021 #112

ee24 - Is this site a scam?

Here is the site in question - A lot of the postings are in Russian and provide just a phone # as a point of contact in most cases and the prices seem 20-30% cheaper than what they should be. This has to be a scam! Thoughts?

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