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Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
20 Jan 2010 #61
Any takers?

Yeh mate I'll have it, thanks!
marky888 - | 1
24 Jan 2010 #62

If anyone is looking for mortgage loan or commercial finance for projects let me know I used to work for a bank here in Warsaw, also I have now few links with both residential and commercial.

Also if anyone is looking for translation on papers or documents I know a good (sworn) translator and good price as well. (you dont get your pants pulled down being an expat here).
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
24 Jan 2010 #63
Mark, please be careful. Sworn translators cannot dictate price - they have to charge a set price mandated by law for a sworn translation and cannot vary from this. Really, for the expatriate needing a sworn translation, one sworn translator is the same as all the rest.
waelpro - | 8
15 Jul 2010 #64
hi all
how about thats wher i work we have alot to see,just have a look,chill out

how about
have nice day
Pawlinska - | 1
26 Jul 2010 #65
Hello Hello!

I'm a Real Estate Manager from Berlin. I am german and polish speaking and somewhat of english (= I'm working really tight with a good friend from Wroclaw who has lots of properties and I'm also managing some properties for customers from Ireland. Especially in the centre of Wroclaw. If you would like to get some informations, please feel free to conatct me with any questions.

Best regards, Ewa
milky 13 | 1,657
26 Jul 2010 #66

How much has the property gone down in price over the last year?
BNGcoworking - | 1
1 Oct 2010 #67
In Kraków you will find a great customer service in:

+48 798 548 018
Dziedzic 3 | 43
9 Feb 2011 #68
Very nice links going to check them out
24 May 2011 #69
I can honestly recommend myself to get you all through purchasing real estate. I manage transactions also with foreigners and am willing to help with anything. By the way now is the best time for buying as our market is in a very great depression. If you need any advice just write or call 883 376 279.

24 Jun 2011 #70

Anyone interested in buying a property in Poznan? I have the house for sale in Poznan, good location, quiet neighbourhood, contact me here or better on lucjaziolkowska@gmail

AgnesApple - | 4
17 Jul 2011 #71
Hello Ewa!

My name is Anne and I am considering investing in real estate in Wrocław. I will be there in August.

I am interested in a nice flat in the center, a luxury property.

Can you or a friend help?


tampin - | 3
28 Jul 2011 #72
Does anyone know where to look for Polish farmland?
PWEI 3 | 612
28 Jul 2011 #73
The countryside?
tampin - | 3
29 Jul 2011 #74
Of course, the country side. Preferably not too far from a city (100.000 plus inhab), and too isolated.

I like to know where in Poland farmland is still affordable.
pip 10 | 1,659
29 Jul 2011 #75 is the best I have come across. It has residential, farm and commercial.
mikepol - | 1
11 Aug 2011 #76
Hi there, try lokus dot pl they have commercial and residential stuff for sale
12 Jan 2012 #77
Hi Tampin,

Where would you like to buy a farm? It is possible I have a good proposal for you. About 25 km to Warsaw, very near by forest, lakes, river. If you decide to buy it, I can help you to finish formality according to Polish law, you will be an owner of it. If you want to contact me, send e-mail:
Robert69 - | 1
13 Jan 2012 #78
Try this website for Poland real-estate:
Isislawa - | 1
28 Mar 2012 #79
you can also check this website
msvry - | 2
7 Aug 2013 #80

You can check on

There are some farmlands to buy, all information how you can buy farmland or property you can find on Minister of Interior and Administration website /en/20/60/Acquisition_of_real_estate.html (remove space)

Check also articles on
nietoperek25 - | 6
11 Mar 2014 #81
Hi, check, and contact me if you want to check any of these.
2 May 2014 #82
You can check this website

8 Jul 2014 #83
Check the website we will help You to find apartment according to your needs

agatka131 1 | 20
16 Aug 2014 #84
that is one of the best real estate websides:
PhilipeM - | 3
11 Feb 2015 #85
I you are looking for apartment / flat / house for rent in Warsaw visit 2-apartments (dot) com or drop me an email contact@2-apartments
25 Apr 2015 #86
There is a new forum in Polish language regarding a property overseas.
There is a lot of new Poles who are buying, investing or living abroad. Or planing to do so ...
So in this forum you can place your opinion, say something about your biznes or just about life in foreign country
21 Oct 2015 #87
Hey, all those example where quite good.
Don't miss to check the offers prepared mostly for expats - good quility apartments, and houses, high standard with owners who speaks english too!

99% of those offers you can find through - *** ( the agent will send you many offers and options )


Propably I've put wrong link in last post.
The right one is
GuesInformation - | 1
19 Dec 2015 #88
Merged: Land for Sale in Poland - What site to post the add?

We have some land/ house in Poland we want to sell.
Looking for recommendation as to what websites (ideally free) are most popular in Poland to post For Sale adds on?

Looker - | 1,135
19 Dec 2015 #89
One of the good and very popular sites is

You may advertise your property right there:
Your Advisor
29 Mar 2016 #90
If you are looking for very luxurious apartments or houses - look at Infinity House (one of the most prestigious real estate in Poland in my opinion)

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