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Early termination of the contract for internet in Poland

Steven2020 2 | 10
18 Sep 2020 #1
Hello guys
I m moving out from my flat,where I still have a valid contract for internet with Netia.After 1 year,I would like to terminate this contract,due to the fact that I need to change the apartment.At the new location,Netia is not present,so I need to find a different operator.I wrote to Netia,and they are asking me to pay 720 pln,as a few,for the remaining period.They are right?I haven't found anything about that in the contract.Polish law is on their side? European Union law is also on their side?I had a promotion I think of one month free,so they didn't have me any amazing smartphone for 1 zl.Im their client for more than 4 years,but from current contract passed only one year, because I didn't know how to prolong it,and made a new one.I really don't wanna pay 720 zl for nothing.
pawian 176 | 13,997
18 Sep 2020 #2
If it is a 2-year contract and you want to annul it earlier, Netia will still demand their money. You have no choice.

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