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HELP im a foreigner student with guarant - rental contract termination

habibi 1 | 1
12 Oct 2021 #1
Hello everyone ! I have a problem im a foreigner student here in poland warsaw.I was having problems finding rent then I found this room i was still empty the whole flat was under renovation the manager of the flat told me that he will get me the room ready in 1 o 2 days max with all i need : (Bed/Desk/Drawer/Sheets for balcony door ... and other stuff ) after I signed the contract the manager didn't deliver its one week now after and he didn't bring anything he is like almost forgot about me I told him i want to break the contract he said U have to pay me double + he keeps the deposit THATS 3150 PLN for one week.PLEASE HELP ME i need to terminate this contract i hate this room and its making me hate poland can't focus on my studys and i stay all day out just to not get into this sh***y room what should i do.I like to jsut leave but i don't want to do anything that will damage my residence card process after and will it affect my guarant if i jsut leave or i don't pay the rent thank you.
Dammest1 4 | 18
12 Oct 2021 #2
Hi, am sorry, you are experiencing this unfortunate event, however, as per general rules regarding renting and accomodation, you can not terminate a contract/agreement, most of the time you need to give 2 month quit notice, vis/versa, the manager or landlord can not send you packing also without notification for at least 2 months.

If you do not like the place, i dont think there is much to do regarding that, hope you did not sign agreement for one year and most of those manager/landlords put some clauses in the agreement saying if you terminate the contract you will not get your deposit, you have to always have agreement written in English language if you want to take next room/apartment....YOU MUST UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING.

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