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Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate

eleanoroconner 4 | 55
18 Jan 2008 #1
Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate

I thought it would be useful to gather up useful places on the web where there is information and or services so this thread can be referred to, and added to, in the future and obviously so we can argue and bicker about how good or bad they are!

So here is my 10 pence worth. If you are thinking about buying in Poland then for research I recommend the following:! - there are alot of time wasters and moaners but in between there are great gems from people with amazing experience. Just be careful - is the advice coming from someone who has experience to comment .....

Mamdom - good general info and live property listings in English but you have to pay.....
propertysecrets - some free articles and some that you have to pay to see but very good info from professionals who have been there, seen it, done it and bought the T shirt. The maths is sometimes a little shakey on the developments they sell. I haven't bought anything through them yet but never say never.

construction poland - lots of free articles about infrastructure developments in Poland that will obviously affect real estate prices in those areas
buyingpropertyinpoland.mamdom - this is really mamdom again but worth a separate mention as this is where you can buy the only sensible book I have found on Polish real estate

buyinghousepoland - this is a lovely little site. Interesting to read but limited in its scope - the English version of this site is bursting with facts and figures. Also check under "Polish Law" for info on buying Polish real estate

gratka - a property portal with tonnes on it. Only in Polish but trial and error clicking will get you there or use an online translator to learn the basic words like Domy means houses. It will give you an idea of what you can get for your money in different locations

inyourpocket - I love the way they write these guides. Real no-nonsense stuff about the country in general.

If you decide Poland is the place for you to buy then this is my advice and what I did:
1) Join Property Secrets - about 80 GBP
2) Join Mamdom - about 40 GBP
3) Buy the book from Mamdom - 20 GBP if you are a member
4) If you are spending serious amounts of money by a couple of PMR reports. I bought the one about the planned airports for 1,200 EUR and for me it was money well spent

5) If you want to buy something wierd like my 160,000 PLN house near Warsaw get Mamdom to find it for you. - I may be wrong but I don't know any other search agents in Poland who are not really just agents in disguise and chasing a commission.....

My philosophy goes like this when it comes to investment in anything: "Spend 1% of your budget educating yourself". Trying to buy for capital gain but not spend anything learning is a false economy and you'll end up taking pot luck and advice from agents who simply want to earn a bit of commission right now. Be very careful of taking advice in forums as well unless you know the person is qualified to tell you something - otherwise its like walking into a pub where people spout off just about anything.

What have I missed?
hello 22 | 890
18 Jan 2008 #2
Good list. I didn't know mamdom charged so much though.

Another tip - if you don't know Polish, have some Polish speaker go through some popular Polish websites (like or and they have good offers too.
18 Jan 2008 #3
Great list .. i will be renting primarily when i move there ... then buying further down the line :)

i look on mamdom quite a lot to be honest see what is going ..
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
18 Jan 2008 #4
great list - heres a couple i have found property on

partnerzy pl - large portal for the broader tri city area

allegro pl/20782_nieruchomosci.html - allegro's property section grown from about 6000 properties listed a year ago to about 90000 today - a great place to find property without the agent

otodom pl/- large portal for the whole of poland - also post heavily on allegro
18 Jan 2008 #5
yes - this is a great list! many thanks

I'd like to add: - property all over Poland but unfortunately only in Polish.
nierozumiem 9 | 118
18 Jan 2008 #6
And my 10 grosze.

These are somewhat south Poland, secondary-market specific and mostly in Polish. My feeling is that you need to muddle through the Polish to get a real good idea of what is going on in the market, and to find the true bargains that are out there

In no particular order: – Okay, very few good listings, but their Quarterly Market Reports are a MUST read for any serious investor. Even with the most basic of Polish you can pull out the key sales and rental numbers for your city. They keep a few years of reports online. – most listings of any site, great sorting features to narrow down your searches, and will give you a good idea what is going on in the market. – Fair number of listings country-wide, plus it’s easy for someone with limited Polish to muddle their way through. For some reason it attracts the for-sale-by-owner crowd, which can turn up some real gems. – another good site with for-sale-by-owners. They cover the 6/7 bigger cities in Poland, not just Krakow – poor cousin of Gratka, but worth keeping an eye on – They do some English! The MLS site for Małopolska. A must for any Kraków investor. A lot of listings that you might not find on Gratka – Free market reports in English. Monthly. Free? Yes. Download them.

E&Y – download the Ernst & Young free annual ebooks “Poland The Real State of Real Estate” and “Doing Business in Poland”

Regional Newspapers – Check the on-line listings a few local papers . Dziennik Polska is a good one, a few hundred listings every Wednesday. Here is the Kraków link, but I think they do all of the major cities. Be wary of a lot of bait-and-switch type operators though. One thing that works is to go on the offensive. Post an advert in the paper and define exactly what you are looking for. Like flies on … If you have the stomach to handle a few dozen phone calls you can end up meeting some of the small local agents who are more willing to work for and with you, than you would never find otherwise.

Happy Hunting
Sin8 2 | 17
21 Jan 2008 #7
In addition I've found the following useful: - in polish/english for property throughout Poland. Some gems in the secondary market. - both primary and secondary market throughout Poland. Only in Polish but easy to navigate. - Warsaw Business Journal free to access and great real estate section. - excellent monthly available online focusing on Wroclaw & Poznan markets in polish and english and great level of detail and informed interviews with local developers etc. - overview of all new residential developments in addition to public, infrastructure & commercial development plans throughout Wroclaw and the Dolnoslaskie region only in Polish but easy to navigate. Excellent source of public expenditure plans right down to a detailed list of the Kamenica that the council plan to renovate with public funds. - overview of all urban regeneration plans throughout Poland both private and public only in polish. - go to Europe and select Forum Polskich Wieżowców then choose relevant region within Poland. Again in Polish but gives a great overview of what is happening lots of photos and a great overview of what the locals think of certain regeneration/development plans. - overview in english of polish commercial property market. Monthly. - internet portal that links to the magazine Rynek Dolnoslaski so primarily for Wroclaw however there are also sites for Krakow and Gdansk. Great overview of all new developments and developers in the local market as well as current offerings from a large selection of real estate agents as well as property articles. Only in Polish. - rental property gives good overview of current rental market and market rates in polish but easy to nagivate. - english magazine with real estate section. - good overview of the city, accomodation, places to eat etc also available for other cities. - overview on public and commercial developments only in Polish and focused on Wroclaw. - in english consultancy giving overview of the market although some of the articles are in need of updating. - rednets property portal you can search for all new developments throughout Poland. In polish and english. Always you to search by region.
Neil63 6 | 57
23 Jan 2008 #8
Can anyone give me a good web link for buying commercial property for sale in Lodz - any info would be appreciated - Cheers
markme - | 9
23 Jan 2008 #9
Can anyone recommend a good Polish->English webpage translator website? It could be extremely useful for some of the Polish only sites mentioned above.

Also, my few site suggestions; - doesn't have a whole lot though - plenty more than Poland if interested - interesting financials included for some properties!
27 Jan 2008 #10
For Dolneslaskie area. Which is South West part of Poland I was forwarded to a local real estate company who's owner is multilingual. She speaks Polish, German, Englisch and Dutch. I remember her first name Krystyna. Forgot the last name. She has a website which could be a good starting point with here phone number and here property listings.

Here company name is Uniwest in Kamienna Gora. 00 48 75 64 52 901 (ask for here if here assistant answers the phone)
For the greater areas she is no help but for the smaller places in and around Kamienna Gora she is well known and will help you.
joo who - | 100
28 Jan 2008 #11 have a good website with polish/english and loads of pretty pictures.....they have English speaking staff, and can offer accommodation at a top class b&b with an english couple...they are wonderfully polite and helpful while you are seeking property.....but post-sales assistance is not quite as forthcoming as promised! South-West Poland mostly...jelenia Gora based (tourist mountainous area).
15 Feb 2008 #12
try, they deal with flats, commercial property etc all over Poland. I bought a beautiful flat in Warsaw thanks to a home broker property advisor. Proffessional service, really HELPFUL.

what is also worth mentioning, they've also helped me with a mortgage.
bickerstonehall - | 3
20 Feb 2008 #13
It would seem most of the sites are based around the large sities.
As a builder I am looking for a small rural property, no matter how poor the condition, prefer within two hours drive of the Ukrainian border.

Any suggestions of sites to look at?
What sort of prices might I be looking at?
And are there sites in both Polish and English?
Thanks for any help, John.
cecer - | 1
23 Feb 2008 #14
am looking for a buy to let of plan property maybe in lodz as i have heard that its a good investment. any suggestions very welcome.
28 Feb 2008 #15
As a builder I am looking for a small rural property, no matter how poor the condition, prefer within two hours drive of the Ukrainian border.

Hi there!

No sites, but heard recently they're selling a few historic beautiful apartment houses and a palace of Zamoyski familyin the old town in Zamość (1h drive from UA border). The houses are in poor codition, need a major renovation, sold in a tender.


If interested, PM me.

am looking for a buy to let of plan property maybe in lodz as i have heard that its a good investment. any suggestions very welcome.

PM me, i know a guy who helped me a lot buying a BTL flat.
souljah - | 1
9 Mar 2008 #16
Im a british soldier who has a polish fiancee ,and we are looking at investing in polish real estate. we would like to start small to gain experiance at this kind of thing . we would start off investing around 10.000GBP is this too little to start looking for a small flat?
Uncle Bob 2 | 82
9 Mar 2008 #17
In my experience you would be very hard pushed to find a flat for as little as 10KGBP unless this is your down payment and you are able to take out a mortgage. What you might want to consider is buying a small piece of land and then either putting a holiday home on it or building something more permanent at a time when you have more money.
10 Mar 2008 #18
Thanks a lot guys have been looking all over for this info.
OP eleanoroconner 4 | 55
8 May 2008 #19
you would be very hard pushed to find a flat for as little as 10KGBP

Cobblers! - There's a place in Polska for you souljah! Here are three flats in Krakow of all places for under 45000 PLN!,,30000,45000,on,on ,co,cd,tz,rp.html
nierozumiem 9 | 118
8 May 2008 #20
Those three flats are errors in the system. The one for 34,000zl is actually on for 340,000zl. The listing for 45,000zl says that the 45k is a deposit to reserve the apartment. The final listing is for an apartment in "Trzebinia", a few hours drive from Krakow.

The cheapest flat that I could find in all of Krakow was a 15m2 (161sqft) basement apartment on ulica Starowiślna with a single 2ft x 1ft window. Price 98,000zl. After civil tax, notary, estate agent that will be 104,000zl.... 24,000 sterling! iasto-starowislna.html?w=764d5dcd84708d9b&s=1
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
8 May 2008 #21
Here are three flats in Krakow of all places for under 45000 PLN!

come on eleanor, i thought you knew the market better than that

but to give benefit of doubt i will rephrase

you will be very hard pushed to find a flat for less than 10k gbp that isnt do kapitalnego remontu, in some obscure location that most people have never heard of or able to have a mortgage taken out on it

this will give you an idea of the type of stuff you can get for 45 tys or less 000&p=1
SeanBM 35 | 5,806
16 May 2008 #22
Thanks for all the links, it is excellent to have more information and no BS.
Anyone around Krakow?
pragueproperty - | 1
3 Jun 2008 #23
I am looking for search on property investments. You reduced my time. Thank you
mieszko - | 1
3 Jun 2008 #24
am looking for a buy to let of plan property maybe in lodz as i have heard that its a good investment. any suggestions very welcome.

cecer - if you are looking for sth on the top look for loft (or lofty in plural) in Lodz, These are post industrial buildings being rebuilt into modern apartments.
golfpro - | 3
13 Jun 2008 #25
I am from the USA but my wife is from Poland and we are looking for a home near a golf course which makes Gdansk look like the best area. Anyone know of someone I could talk to who could help me find a nice second home close to a nice golf course?
VaFunkoolo 6 | 654
14 Jun 2008 #26
Krzysztof Pieniążek

48 58 778-10-88

Based about ten mins from Sierra Golf Club,0,0
michael - | 5
17 Jun 2008 #27
You can also try, the most user friendly Polish RE website I have come across.
18 Jul 2008 #28
If you are looking for a flat or house for rent you can find it Real Estate Centrum at www
or you can contact directly to 4wdolnyslask@gmail
jlindholm - | 2
18 Aug 2008 #29
golfpro: We are U.S. residents looking to sell a small but nice two-room apartment in the center of the old part of Gdansk, one of the best possible locations available. Interested? /Johan
andy b 4 | 156
23 Oct 2008 #30
You can also try, the most user friendly Polish RE website I have come across.

You spelled it incorrectly, it is actually

Our site for property to rent and buy in Krakow: property-krakow

PKG Real Estate in Krakow, Poland.

Polish version of the site: Nieruchomości w Krakowie.

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