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Polish real Estate law

Hufrey 1 | 1
15 Jun 2023 #1
Greetings Dear Experts.

I would love to be advised on one particular issues regarding real Estate law.

Here is the issue:

I and my fiancee moved recently in a lovely two bedrooms appointment in Bytom on 15th of May and we paid a deposit equivalent of two months rent price, during the signing of the contract we agreed the rent to be paid no longer than 10th of each end of the month from what we understood.

I précise that the contract was a draft and several close of the contract was reviewed both the agent and us du to the fact that they use to rent only rooms of the apartment and rules like limitations to visit and pet ect... Was reviewed amicably.

We really loved the place and took all legal mesure to secure our stay in the house 🏠 taking an insurance covering of Up to 50000zl.

All was good Up to this point.

Then all of sudden around 20th started telling me that I have to pay not only the remaining 15 days of May but including the full rent of June that was even before we enter June.

I paid the health of May but as for the month of June we can not simply because it too much money that we do not have, because we also had to pay for our previous apartment in Katowice where we stayed for 15 days more than what we agreed with that landlord.

I alone work and my salary only comes at the end of the month and as we spoke to the agent we can only pay at the end of the month no later than 10th of the following month like I have been always legally and deligently paying for rent for the past 3years in Poland without any issues.

I as well submitted their request form that my fiancee doesn't work I they even ask for my salary details which I provided them.

They are telling us that must pay because In Poland rent must be paid in the beginning of the month, that if not we need to leave. I am very stressed even my fiancee we have peace in the house anymore.

I need advice, what can we do? We paid deposit of two months rent+ the half month of May for this house + our previous apartment+ insurance to really secure our family home but they have been literally texting as if we don't want to pay yet I even wrote a polite email asking for an amicably understanding because I can only pay June at the end of the month there is no other alternative.

Thanks for your advice.
cms neuf 1 | 1,723
16 Jun 2023 #2
If the contract says 10th of the month then pay on the 10th.

Send them one email saying you will pay on the 10th as per the contract and then ignore the rest of their communication.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
17 Jun 2023 #3
If the contract says 10th of the month then pay on the 10th.


Send them one email

Dont even bother to,just ignore totally.The more you communicate the more one incriminates self.

BTW lots of earthquakes in Bytom area,have a friend from there.
jon357 74 | 22,258
17 Jun 2023 #4
we agreed the rent to be paid no longer than 10th of each end of the month from what we understood.

If it's in the contract as due on that day, it's due on that day. Not before.

It sounds like the landlord is trying it on.

As the poster above says, don't email or message him, just wait until he asks. And then remind him of the date in the contract.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
18 Jun 2023 #5
And then remind him

Nope,never,by doing that he acknowledges the problem and thus has to respond and take action for it.In case of email he can always claim he didnt get it or maybe went to his spam folder.He should just quietly ignore and keep on paying the way he has to.
OP Hufrey 1 | 1
18 Jun 2023 #6
Thanks for the advices

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