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The process of selling a property in Poland

Roman A 1 | 1
6 Mar 2020 #1
My family member passed away and I need advice how to start the process of their estate
terri 1 | 1,665
6 Mar 2020 #2
1. You need to make sure who owns the property. Check ksiega wieczysta. Is it the person who has died?
2. Make sure who is listed in the Last Will and testament and if you have any claim.
3. Pay off all outstanding debts - if it is you.
4. Put the property in the hands of an estate agent/realtor.
5. Seek professional advice re tax obligations.
6. Register with the Tax Office that you have been given the property in the Will, that it is inheritance.
OP Roman A 1 | 1
10 Mar 2020 #3
Wyszukaj księgę po numerze
Wprowadź numer księgi wieczystej którą chcesz przeglądać * I can't understand polish and have translated the above but all I have is my relatives address
pawian 181 | 17,079
11 Mar 2020 #4
Tell us the address.

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