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What is the process involved in selling a house in Poland from abroad?

Cesia 2 | -
18 Jan 2013 #1
How does one go about selling a house - already registered in my name - from abroad? Is it difficult/safe to just choose a lawyer from internet? Any suggestions?
MoOli 9 | 480
18 Jan 2013 #2
It can be done by a power of attorney.The problem is if you will get the right price.You need a property management company as lawyers will not just do the job.If you know the current price etc get in touch and I might be able to help you.Other choice is advertise in NOWE DZEINNIK news paper published from new york.
gumishu 11 | 5,859
18 Jan 2013 #3
you need to visit Poland at least to hire a lawyer (signing the contract in Polish)
Zibi - | 336
18 Jan 2013 #4
Not true, my friend never left USA to 1. legally inherit property and then 2. to sell it.

Contact this lady, I know her personally to have executed such transactions. She will intruct you as to what to do. Speaks english as well.
DagmaraK - | 3
18 Jan 2013 #5
You can grant somebody here a power of attorney to sale on your behalf as sale/purchase of a property in Poland must be finalised in the form of a notarial deed (Polish Civil Code). The power of attorney has to be accompanied by so called 'apostille' – according to the Hague Convention that Poland, USA and most European countries have ratified. Such certificate is issued by a competent state agency. If you live in a country that has not ratified the Convention (eg. Canada) the document can be legalized by a consular officer of your country. If the documents are in English, have to be translated into Polish by state-registered translator. You should also consult content and wording of the power of attorney with a Polish lawyer as certain clauses are obligatory.

I hope this is helpful.
27 Apr 2016 #6
Merged: Selling Apartment in Poland when living in US

My wife is Polish and owns a flat in Zielona Gora. Her sister currently lives in the flat, but will be moving to the states in the June. Does anyone know the process in order to give my sister-in-law the power to sell the apartment? Documents needed? Thanks.
terri 1 | 1,665
27 Apr 2016 #7
Your wife needs to go to a 'Notariusz' and arrange a power of attorney to your sister. Should cost approx 300 pln maybe less. Documents needed: Id/passport and Act Notarialny to show who owns the flat.
19 Apr 2017 #8
Hi my dad bought a house shell on a plot of land in a village near Krakow. He did it all up and he and my mum spent their summers there, He passed away four years ago and all paperwork to do with the transfer into Mum's name has been done. We have a lawyer here in the Uk (polish) ad also in Poland too. The problem is that although the house is all fine Dad never got round to doing the paperwork which would give it its' proper number - so essentially it's a meadow. The kierownik budowy has said it will cost about 1500 gbp for all that and a couple of unfinished jobs to be completed. We just want to sell as it stands. It''s oo painful/stressful to go through anymore with it. What is the best way forward. We have been guessing at the price...did have interested buyer but she wanted it finished first? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
cms 9 | 1,255
19 Apr 2017 #9
If you're talking about the plot numbering then you absolutely must get that done - especially if the plot was subdivided in the past. No buyer will be able to get a mortgage registered without that. 1500 is on the high side but not an unreasonable price for solving your problem.
Anisia01 - | 1
17 May 2017 #10

selling the house

Thank you "csm" for that. I guess my question is if we are selling "as it is" and knocking down the price potentially someone would take it on board as a project like they would here in the UK? I worry about whether my mum would be taken advantage of given that you have already indicated the price is high for the work needed doing plus I am not sure that she would be able to do that. The land was not subdivided - it was a meadow and they bought a shell of the house on it and worked on it and installed everything such as bathrooms etc. Feeling resistant about spending anymore on this place and then it may or may not sell!

Buggsy 8 | 98
18 May 2017 #11
if we are selling "as it is" and knocking down the price potentially someone would take it on board as a project like they would here in the UK

You sound pretty desperate and stressed at the same time. Property business in Poland is not like the UK.
If I was buying property like yours I would have made an offer. If you are Polish, get back here and try to look for a buyer- it is possible someone might buy it but be aware that the price will be very low.

On the negative side- if the plot "dzialka" is not numbered, there might be previous issues and that might scare away potential buyers. You also need to take into consideration that when legalizing the sale of that property the plot number is very important. If the buyer is getting a mortgage then the banks require the number as well.

Do the other plots near yours have numbers- if by any chance you know some of the neighbours.
In the end, you will need to get back invest some time and money to sort it out and hopefully sell it.
I know it's quite painful but that might be the best way of solving it. Considering there won't be any previous issues, theoratically it is not a difficult process. You will just have to wait for the normal processing time.
cms 9 | 1,255
22 May 2017 #12
Its not just the issue about a buyer not getting a mortgage. I think when the plot numbers are not clear then the notary will hesitate to register it until the issue is resolved, I have encountered such a situation myself. It is not a minor missing piece of data, it is a potential deal breaker.

So possibly the only person who would buy it "as is" is someone who has enough cash but does not care about title. Typically rich people get rich by caring about the details.

You should speak to a lawyer which will cost you about 1000 zloty, or you could just stick it on gumtree and see what the result is, but I strongly think you should sort out he plot number.
24 Jan 2019 #13
We have a house in Wroclaw which is not finished on the inside and might interest a builder to finish for investment or resale once done. Is there a website I can advertise on?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
24 Jan 2019 #14
11 Dec 2020 #15

Selling a house

I am from the UK and trying to sell a house in Poland without paying estate agent fees.
Can anyone advise the best way to go about this? Many thanks.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
11 Dec 2020 #16
Put an ad on OLX, then when you get a buyer arrange the sale with the local notary.

There is also and
Crow 152 | 9,787
11 Dec 2020 #17
Who is wise from abroad wont sell house in Poland. Abroad goes to sh**.

Don't you see that USA becoming third world country that would depend on energy from others.,while EU becoming Caliphate. They are all urinated by their politicians.

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