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Manor House and building plots for sale - how to go about selling my Poland's property?

prawdaprawda 1 | 4
30 Apr 2013 #1
After a long period of research, and a number of visits to different regions to look at property, I found the house of my dreams and moved from the UK to Poland three years ago. My growing business links in the UK now demand most of my time and I am spending less and less time in Poland. So, I have decided to put my property up for sale.

My property is a fine Manor House (Dworek Szlachecki) located in the Lubomierz district, Lower Silesia, Poland - an area prized and internationally renowned for its outstanding environment, scenery and architecture. Enjoying the best climate in Poland and long summers with temperatures often exceeding 30C, the area offers wonderful opportunities for recreation or sport. All usual amenities and facilities are available locally; including excellent shops, bank, post office, chemists, schools, health spa, public transport, and also a new state-of-the-art medical centre. Superstore shopping, including Tesco and Castorama, is available in Jelenia Gora, 15 minutes drive away.

The Manor House has beautifully proportioned rooms which add up to a total floor area of approximately 418 sq m / 4,499 sq ft, plus four garages approximately 74 sq m / 797 sq ft.

I am offering everything for sale as a whole or in 4 lots. The total site area is 8.94 acres - with the benefit of 6.06 acres zoned as building land, giving the opportunity to build up to 6 additional houses. The additional 2.88 acres, zoned as green belt recreational land, lies to the south of the house.

The lots comprise - (i) The Manor House and gardens with woodland and two ponds, total 3.85 acres; (ii) former orchard garden zoned for building 1 house, total 1.03 acres; (iii) adjacent land zoned for building up to 2 houses, total 1.68 acres; (iv) adjacent land zoned for building up to 3 houses, total 2.38 acres.

All the lots are south facing with excellent private access from a quiet, tree-lined public road. There is 2 and 3 phase electricity available on all lots, with telephone and mains water at the adjacent roadside.

If anyone can advise me of what is the best way to go about selling my property, I would be very grateful. I can send site plans, photographs, and comprehensive information to anyone interested.
Maybe 12 | 409
30 Apr 2013 #2
If anyone can advise me of what is the best way to go about selling my property

Well you could build a facebook page dedicated to the manor, upload lots of good quality photos of the property, plans, surrounding area. Write a more detailed description of the property, perhaps charting the renovation, if you have before and after photos from when you originally bought it that would add interest. Make sure the text is Polish and English. Then get your friends and colleagues to like your property and to ask others to buy it or like it, until hopefully someone makes an offer, perhaps you could ask people to MAKE ME AN OFFER, have a certain target in mind and if someone offers you what you want bingo.
OP prawdaprawda 1 | 4
1 May 2013 #3
Interesting idea and much appreciated. I've never given Facebook a thought - nor even looked at it before! Thanks.
6 Jul 2014 #4
Did you sell property..?? How did you go...?
I am interested in similar property and would like to know average cost of a property like this in Polands most scenic regions..
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Jul 2014 #5
I just don't picture finding the dworek buying gentleman among the facebook like'ing crowd ;)
Sparks11 - | 335
7 Jul 2014 #6
Are you kidding me? Any remotely savvy business person is on facebook. It's not just for young people anymore ;)
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Jul 2014 #7
Any remotely savvy business person is on facebook.

riiiight... how old are you?
Sparks11 - | 335
7 Jul 2014 #8
Old enough to know that people who have money and like old architecture use Facebook. Come out from under the rock and join the world :)
f stop 25 | 2,513
8 Jul 2014 #9
Come out from under the rock and join the world :)

When you ready to buy a piece of real estate, let me know how your facebook search goes.
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
8 Jul 2014 #10
I have never bought or sold real estate esp off face book....internet sites yes but usually through brokers and word of my opinion good property sells itself if priced right.
Sparks11 - | 335
8 Jul 2014 #11
I'm not saying I'd start looking for real estate on Facebook...Clearly that would be retarded. The Dworek Buying Gentleman however, may very well be a Facebook user. I know some real estate brokers back home who list "special" properties on FB. Properties which they think friends might be interested in, good deals, etc.
8 Jul 2014 #12
I am new to this forum and in fact have never used forums before. However upon reading some comments and noticing yours, if you visit world wide web dot globalpropertyportfolio dot com I have in fact a Dworek for Sale in Poland. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post the full link of my website on this site as I am only a guest.
f stop 25 | 2,513
9 Jul 2014 #13
too bad that site does not allow searching
Cargo pants 3 | 1,174
8 Jun 2021 #14
I have a residential flat for sale in hardcore centre of Warsaw.Its 59.27 sq m with balcony.The address is 11/19 Alej Jerozolimski.Its on 3rd floor,has elevator and 15 sq m of storage space in basement.Flat needs to be renovated as my tenant of 14 years just vacated..Price is 15000Pln sq m NON-Negotiable.Can send me PM here.No realtors comisssion.

Home / Real Estate / Manor House and building plots for sale - how to go about selling my Poland's property?
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