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Building a modern house in Poland?

30 Mar 2020 #1
Do they built houses in the Modernist/industrial style that has become so popular lately in Poland? I know Polska has lots of similar museums built lately that look ultra Modernist. What I mean is actually a very toned-down version, something simpler like this below. Would it be possible to convince a Polish company to build something like this (color is optional, that's just a draft idea). The bars, separating the interior yard are a nod to the 1950s/60's Modernism while the chimney shapes are inspired by the Lublin circular tower.
jon357 72 | 21,387
30 Mar 2020 #2
Very much so, and not always so toned down. There are some very striking modern houses here, plenty in the outskirts of Warsaw and other cities.

This is one of very many 'off the peg' architectural project companies.
30 Mar 2020 #3
^^Thanks for the link! Yeah I was like probably they do Modernist houses too but making sure (and Modernism is so divisive that I'd rather have a brand new designed for me as it'll be hard to find one that's just right). This draft recreates a building from my childhood and yes, Lublin is one of the cities I'm looking at for relocation/investment.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,986
30 Mar 2020 #4
To be honest most peoples idea of modern here in Poland is a blacha dacha and styropienn covered with shatka and ttynk.

Translated to english cheap tin roofs and polystyrene coverd in mesh and render, proper nasty build zero quality and style but this is the locals dream. yuk yuk yuk., each to their own heh , plus some of these monsters have been thirty years in the building and still not finished.
jon357 72 | 21,387
30 Mar 2020 #5
idea of modern here in Poland is a blacha dacha and styropienn covered with shatka and ttynk

Too many pedestrian bungaloid suburban-style houses plonked down in ever expandeing villages. Unfortunately the build quality is often too good; it would be better they were built worse and more likely to be demolished soon. them and their vile shiny plastic roofs.

There's some pretty good modern architecture though, especially in the more expensive parts of cities. I don't mean the 'hobbit houses' that some people like, the ones with all the unlikely curves; instead there's some real minimalism. Plenty of good examples near me, amid the Ayn Randish dreck that people with 'ideas' have dreamed up

There's even a neo-brutalist house near me.. Very solid though, perhaps someone showing off because they can afford to. There are quite a lot of richer people's houses that are almost monumental, to display their wealth to posterity. If I were to build, it would possibly be something light and temporary, something that can easily be replaced in a few years. And not a bit of fake aggregate marble or shiny plastic roof near it.
OP jackrussel
31 Mar 2020 #6
Oh if I buy an already built one, I'd go for a dom szeregowy as they look nice. It's harder for me to like the design of stand-alone or semi-detached houses.

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