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Selling property in Poland

23 Jun 2017 #1
Hi-I wish to sell a property in Poland -could someone advise me on the best way to advertise it to the Polish commuinty in the UK. Thank you.
OP Supersam
23 Jun 2017 #2
Re last post, meant to add- property will be half price.
23 Jun 2017 #3
you can try rightmove, they have an overseas listing section. alternatively use otodom or gratka, polish people in the uk use them too, sold a building last year through otodom to a uk based pole.
OP Supersam
25 Jun 2017 #4
I have looked at the otodom and gratka web sites but they are in Polish, can anyone tell me how to get them in English - many thanks.
jon357 71 | 21,116
25 Jun 2017 #5
I don't think they have an option for that, however you could try putting the address of the web page into bing or google translate.

Gumtree is also another very good possibility and they may have a language option.
Mrs T
2 Aug 2017 #6

Selling property in Poland-more advice needed please.

Hi- further to my earlier post; does anyone know if they have similar companies in Poland to the 'we buy any property ' ones in the UK.

dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
3 Aug 2017 #7
'we buy any property '

Using this type of company you will not get the best possible price, but if you don't want the hastle of selling on the open market and all the paperwork then it can be worth it.

I am in the market to buy property around Poland, If you wish send me the details of what is for sale and the cash amount you want for it I will take a look, but i will be honest I always buy property well below current market valuations, but the seller gets a speedy decision and a fast transaction.
Mrs T
3 Aug 2017 #8
Thanks, dolnoslask - how do I get in touch with you - is there a private emailing facilty on this site?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
3 Aug 2017 #9
Yep there is a PM facility, you just need to sign up as a member.
Mrs T 1 | 12
3 Aug 2017 #10
I have signed up as a member but can't see how to PM (not a very techie person).
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
3 Aug 2017 #11
see above where it says 'unanswered' 'archives' 'mail'?
Click on mail and enter the name of the person you wish to message.
Mrs T 1 | 12
3 Aug 2017 #12
Thank you. I have just tried that but it said you must post 2 messages before you can use PM- puzzled now as I have posted more than two.
Mrs T 1 | 12
3 Aug 2017 #13
Think I have figured it out - it maybe means 2 posts as a member not a guest.
Mrs T 1 | 12
3 Aug 2017 #14
dolnoslask - have sent you PM. A first for me!
Mrs T 1 | 12
4 Aug 2017 #15
Hi - this will sound like a strange request - has anyone any idea how to contact the Chinese business community in Poland. Thanks.
4 Aug 2017 #16
Put an add on otodom, gratka, olx or gumtree. Put a competitive price and state open to negotiation. Then your potential market is the whole of Poland. Its the easiest way to do it. Failing that get a local agent involved. Youll have to pay a small % charge of the sale price, but they will be able to work the local business interests in your area.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
4 Aug 2017 #17
I would put it back on he market wit Otodom or, they cover the whole of Poland I check them every day. as for an international website it may be worth a punt to catch someone like me who wants to make the move back to Poland.
jon357 71 | 21,116
4 Aug 2017 #18
Otodom or

These are good, there's also and one or two others
4 Aug 2017 #19
otodom and gratka are where professional agents advertise as they get the most eyeballs, but olx and gumtree is popular with retail. it depends on the money involved, if its cheap olx and gumtree will do, otherwise otodoma and gratka is where you want to be.
Mrs T 1 | 12
15 Aug 2017 #20
Thank you to everyone - following your advice relatives have put the property on otodom and olx. I don't know what it says as it is in Polish (obviously) - but it looks great!
10 Sep 2017 #21
You can allways check the numbering of plots at:
13 May 2018 #22

Does anyone know of any English speaking real estate companies in Krakow with a reasonable commission? I am looking to sell a 2 room apartment.

rafalr 1 | 6
15 May 2018 #23
I can help you with selling you apartments, commission is 2-2,5% + 23% tax.

13 Mar 2020 #24
I am selling my flat on Jana Pawla II 36 in Warsaw. What is the best way to advertise ?
jon357 71 | 21,116
13 Mar 2020 #25
Gumtree can be quite effective; usually better than bottom-feeding agents.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
13 Mar 2020 #26
I would say hiring an agent saves lots of hassle esp curious market sensing idiots who just waste your time.2 to 2.5% commission is usually they charge and can be negotiated to even 1 to 1.5% if gotufka.
RoyCol10 - | 1
17 Apr 2021 #27

Selling Property in Poland

I am planning to sell my apartment in Krakow and wish to know the procedure and the costs involved. Can anybody help please?.
pawian 202 | 21,101
17 Apr 2021 #28
We are thrilled that you have chosen us for expertise explanation - thank you very much. However, it is a lengthy topic while currently we are very busy dealing with other important matters in the forum.

That is why I suggest you should google the title that you used in your post: Selling property in Poland. Once I have seen a few professional sites dealing with the topic you are interested in.
29 Jun 2021 #29
Looking to sell a apartment for cash in Poland anyone know of a company who do this or person. Property in Starogard Gdanski.
13 Oct 2021 #30
Hi Folks,, just a quick question please, what are the capital gains rules, if I purchase a property which I intend to live in, and afterwards sell my current property where I live, [Less than 4 year] am I able to offset profit on the sale of that property to the one previously purchased, thanks and appreciation in advance.

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