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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property. (page 2)

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Neighbourhoods in Warsaw - how safe?
Use the evicted clause to terminate the contract in Poland
Buy Land in Poland and Build a House from Wood
Rental contract without a termination clause
House prices in Poland to drop more or rise again?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
228 - Merged: How much have house prices increased in Krakow for the past 5 years? How much have...

Real Estatebyronic - 11 Dec 2008 Poland100 - 24 Feb 2022
How much would it cost to build a house in Poland?
23 - Hello, can someone recommend a good pre-fab house manufacturer in Poland?...

Real EstateMajaKochaMuminka - 21 May 2017 HiHiHI - 10 Feb 2022
Documents requested from foreigners to rent a flat long term in Poland? Invoicing / Contract.
16 - Yes plenty. Its not unusual to pay a deposit in cash but the agent wanting her fee...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakow - 14 Jul 2010 Atch - 4 Feb 2022
Documents to buy property (flat or home with land ) in Poland?
An increase of 25% rent is legal in Poland?
Electricity / Gas cost in Poland
Problems with Father's property in Poland - inheritance
Can foreigners buy land, house, or apartment in Poland?  2
Dzialki - allotment gardens regulations in Poland
Are there any English speaking Real Estate Schools in Warsaw? (For licensing)
Buying a residential flat/apt in Poland as a foreigner
24 - For apartments, not that common....

Real Estateska - 19 Jan 2017 jon357 - 20 Nov 2021
Renting a property and the notice to quit. I need tenants to vacate in order for a family member to move in.
What's your opinion on cooperative ownership (spoldzielcze wlasnosciowe prawo) when buying a flat?
Buying property in Poland  2
41 - Try to verify the information it may sound ridiculous but in Poland can never know......

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 3 Feb 2016 efevberha - 29 Oct 2021
Permit to purchase land
Water Leak Damage in Apartment
16 - You are wrong, of course. At least about the "misplaced" part....

Real EstateJohnJ898 - 19 Oct 2021 pawian - 20 Oct 2021
Property taxation in Poland and inheritance (obligated by law to pay)?  2
Selling property in Poland
HELP im a foreigner student with guarant - rental contract termination
Getting a mortgage loan with girlfriend
18 - That is 100% true, i truly hope we will live the rest of our lives together and in...

Real EstateDammest1 - 23 Sep 2021 Dammest1 - 24 Sep 2021
How to kick out tenant who is living for free in my unit
6 - @Cargo pants I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I won't post PM information here in...

Real EstateSloneczko888 - 4 Sep 2021 Oathbreaker - 21 Sep 2021
Termination of fixed term lease in Poland
Sentimental values considered by Poles when moving into a new rental home
A low cost rural residential property in Poland purchase by a Non-EU national
5 - Why is that Jon? I'm in UK atm and wanted to look at PL for a future home. I...

Real Estatepozaluista - 20 Apr 2021 Wastrel - 3 Aug 2021
Buying a 'Surowy Otwarty' House
Notice period with rental contract of flats in Poland
15 - As long as you respond they will try to shake you down,just ignore them,thats your best bet....

Real EstateEkspat - 24 Jul 2015 Cargo pants - 17 Jun 2021
Manor House and building plots for sale - how to go about selling my Poland's property?
15 - this is how it looks...

Real Estateprawdaprawda - 30 Apr 2013 Cargo pants - 8 Jun 2021
Residential real estate values go down in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16
Need guidance on the tenant's property rights
8 - Life is full of surprises and zasadzkas....

Real EstateCrystal0701 - 20 May 2021 pawian - 22 May 2021
How can I see house prices on property search websites in Poland?
Photos from Poland's osiedle (housing estate) from street level
9 - Sosnowiec:

Real EstateZlatko - 29 Sep 2019 Strzelec35 - 7 Apr 2021
Buying a house and staying away from the border
3 - All in all you will have to contact the local authorities. You want to buy an existing house. Thats...

Real EstateMarieAntoinette - 1 Feb 2021 Sisi_Zakopane - 14 Mar 2021
Cost to build in Eastern Poland - Ideally per m2  2  3
71 - You think countries should prevent people from leaving?...

Real EstateEnglishking - 3 Jan 2011 jon357 - 23 Feb 2021
Legal protection - Purchasing property as an unmarried couple in Poland
19 - Ok thanks Jon, I'm going to look into this. Appreciate your input....

Real Estates4albarn - 21 Feb 2021 s4albarn - 22 Feb 2021
Renting a flat in Warsaw for 9 months (no knowledge of Polish language) and prices
About terminating my flat contract in Poland
Looking for an apartment to buy in Wielkopolska
Can the Poland's apartment building coop be forced to fix the building's front door?
6 - My question is whether they can be forced to do a quality replacement. Our COOP does do the fixes...

Real Estatefreespeechrocks - 16 Mar 2013 JacekthePole - 13 Jan 2021
Life near the Carpathian mountains?
6 - Apparently, it'll be -18 in the Carpathian mountains this week. Brr....

Real EstateZlatko - 2 Jan 2021 delphiandomine - 12 Jan 2021
TBS real estate in Poland
Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland  2
54 - Yup, combined with interest rates being cut to nothing....

Real Estatebolek - 13 Feb 2010 delphiandomine - 12 Jan 2021
Very cheap apartments for sale in Lodz - am I missing something?
16 - You`re welcome. It was my pleasure too coz I have learnt sth new. I am so old and...

Real Estateemne22 - 14 Dec 2020 pawian - 15 Dec 2020
What is the process involved in selling a house in Poland from abroad?
May you confirm that Podgórze (Kraków) is a great area to live in?
Buying an Apartment in Poznan, Im Irish
11 - Merged: Poznan, Im Irish, Biz steps help I need a "cheat sheet list" and some help, Im...

Real EstateOzinPoz - 21 Feb 2020 OzinPoz - 15 Nov 2020
If you pay a property reservation fee in Poland, can they sell it from under you?
An equivalent of heating range / cooker in Poland?
Apartment rental in Poland: Termination of the agreement before the date
Finding rent in Poland without speaking Polish?
12 - If you are trying to fool the system by trying to get maldunek then you are out of...

Real Estatepolishguy - 4 Jun 2016 Cargo pants - 15 Oct 2020
Can you use your last months rent to pay a deposit? Is it legal in Poland?
Buy an apartment in Warsaw now or wait
Geography / Climate Question(s) - I am looking to buy a property in Poland
14 - Not bad honestly when I applied in 2001 it was around the same as I remember....

Real EstateRalphPoland - 31 Aug 2020 Cargo pants - 6 Sep 2020
Joint ownership of house in Poland by a Polish man and an American woman
Termination of fixed term renting contracts-residential in Poland
26 - My bad,I meant most Landlords will do it. Because you are finding him a tenant and...

Real EstateSteven2020 - 23 May 2020 Cargo pants - 25 Aug 2020
Places I can stay in Krakow and expenses I need to shell
4 - @kaprys Thx Kind sir!!...

Real Estatedevil_storage - 19 Aug 2020 devil_storage - 22 Aug 2020
Any recent property reports/studies of Cracow / Krakow property market?
8 - What about other Southern towns like Bielsko Biała, Tarnów and Tzeszow?...

Real Estatemulsie - 21 Apr 2010 Zlatko - 20 Aug 2020

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