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Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property. (page 4)

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Landlord accuses of not paying rent. Poland.
Noise levels from a building site in Poland
Expatriate mortgages + Property in Poland
Mortgage in Poland (rules, rates, types, websites)?
Buying land to build on near Czestochowa
15 - Yes...

Real Estateanti_brexit - 2 Oct 2017 Dirk diggler - 24 Dec 2017
Farm for sale in Poland - how to find a buyer from other country?
Prefabricated houses in Poland
3 - Do you mean wood houses? If so, check this:

Real Estatearcile - 17 Nov 2017 AlejandroM - 17 Nov 2017
Help need advice on buying property in Poland and dealing with the seller
BEST Poland's city to Invest in?? Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk or...?  2
34 - @polinv Ah you know Wroclaw well. I was born in Zlotniki. If you can buy a kamienica in...

Real EstateBoXena - 21 Nov 2015 Dirk diggler - 12 Oct 2017
Accommodation at University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin
Negligent homeowners in Poland, advice needed
7 - I our country we are still in stage you like it stay you don't like it leave. She...

Real EstateAlexbrz - 8 Oct 2017 peter_olsztyn - 8 Oct 2017
Help on choosing the best neighborhood to live in Warsaw..
20 - Merged: What do you think about Wola (Warsaw district)? Hello freinds , so I wanted to ask...

Real EstateAlly_Bahri - 26 Dec 2012 Karim1928 - 5 Oct 2017
× Property scam in Poland
5 - I also worked with him and he was OK. So BS. Message received from Papug (thread closed): ...

Real EstateTonyStark - 19 Jan 2017 Prince39 - 27 Sep 2017
Renting flat in Wroclaw, Poland for family with 2 small children
4 - oops typing and not checking - should be agencja nieruchomości -...

Real EstateIvanPlyusnin - 23 Sep 2017 gumishu - 24 Sep 2017
Contact from a Łukasz Mróz about Krakow property inheritance is this a scam?
Due Diligence - Land Buying in Poland
5 - Who will own the plot? You or Your wife or both? Please share your comments in this post...

Real Estatemouldski - 5 Sep 2017 samthelearner - 6 Sep 2017
Housing and ownership in Poland
3 - Merged: Can Non-Europeans own a property in Poland? Own or Co-own with a Polish citizen?...

Real EstateAndy M - 20 Jan 2010 samthelearner - 6 Sep 2017
Can a foreigner buy a property in Poland which is listed for sale under TBS clause?
Land sold in Poland... any problems getting money sent to U.K.?  2
35 - Do you remember what the hearing was about?...

Real EstateRichie147 - 27 Aug 2017 jon357 - 1 Sep 2017
Tax on UK rental income, while residency in Poland
Apartment Numbers in Poland
Construction companies in Poland
I was adopted - what are my rights? Property inheritance in Poland
11 - As far as I remember (it had been a while) - yes! She has a right to half...

Real Estaterybicki - 22 Aug 2011 Ironside - 18 Aug 2017
The coming Real estate correction in Poland.
20 - We have one or two in wroclaw, sky tower for eg. but this isnt the main or the...

Real Estatesynka - 9 Aug 2017 polinv - 10 Aug 2017
How Poles can pay wlasny? (mortgage)
Buying an apartment at auction in Poland. Owners still present
Selling inherited business in Poland. How to do this properly? Advice needed please.
3 - THANK YOU....

Real EstateMrs T - 1 Aug 2017 Mrs T - 2 Aug 2017
Cost of a flat refurbishment per sqm in Poland
× How can I find/rent a cheap room in Krakow
How to rent a bedroom in Poland?
Cost of rent for a four room apartment outskirt of Wroclaw
Polish landlord is not letting me leave the apartment even though I am prepared to burn my deposit
Can I sell my home in Poland remotely?
2 - No. Your wife needs notary power of attorrney. So, u have to find polish notary or go to the...

Real EstateBahrainrunner68 - 31 May 2017 polishlawyer - 31 May 2017
Best Investment Deal In Poland Wroclaw !?
9 - Do you have any project that needs funding? I am an investor and willing to invest in...

Real Estateizyckilee - 17 Jan 2011 Henry123 - 18 May 2017
Buying property at the Bailiff / Enforcement Agent Auction (Komornik Sądowy) in Poland
Renting a room or apartment in Krakow without visiting first
How much is rent in Katowice?
13 - None of those are the best sites. Gumtree is a better bet....

Real EstateDavid0004 - 17 Mar 2015 jon357 - 11 May 2017
Moving to the Katowice area soon! Safe neighborhood for an Irish man?  2
37 - Yes, that did have me a bit puzzled....

Real EstateBrasstacks - 4 Dec 2011 DominicB - 28 Apr 2017
What do I need to buy a house/flat or property in Warsaw?
12 - Ohh.. And if you are not a citizen of poland, but have visa student/work, you can live in the...

Real Estatepioneer4eva - 31 Jan 2012 unuser_lol - 17 Apr 2017
True or False - Credit for land and house in Poland
Risks of renting a room without a contract in Poland?
12 - It`s only in English....

Real Estateband_a - 3 Mar 2015 Jane D - 27 Mar 2017
I want to sell land in Poland (Bialka Tatrzanska) - any advice?  2
Buying apartment in Poland - Kitchen / bathroom
Foreigner buying house with 'Rolna'/Rural land in Poland - ever possible? Advice/help.  2
100% LTV Mortgage on a purchase of an apartment in Krakow, Poland
Applying for a mortgage in Poland (wife and husband)
Advice on renting out Property in Poland securely? (without being physically present)
Flats for rents in nice places in Krakow - suggestion for good location to live with family
3 - You are working in a place with great tram links, easy to get to from Kazimierz (probably not so...

Real Estatetsrpc - 17 Feb 2017 jacekkaminski91 - 17 Feb 2017
Is airbnb legal and reliable for renting apartments in Poland?
11 - Merged: TAX on AIRBNB revenue from hosting Hi, Can someone please guide me on the tax...

Real Estatedany_moussalli - 11 Aug 2013 123456789 - 11 Feb 2017
Paying 1800 pln including media at Padereskiego, for a 2 room apartment in Katowice is worthy?
6 - In the ads what does media cover? Is it TV+Internet or all the facilities....

Real EstateRakshita - 28 Jun 2016 burak1517 - 7 Feb 2017
Quantity Surveyor - Property Depreciation Inspections in Poland
3 - @after2020 Thank you for that. I will pass this on to our client. Here (OZ), the R.E.A. is...

Real EstateMarcelQS1 - 3 Feb 2017 MarcelQS1 - 6 Feb 2017
EU national wanting to move and buy a house in Poland  2
41 - Forget TBS if you want to own your own - you pay a deposit but still pay rent. There...

Real EstateWarwicktiger - 17 Sep 2015 polinv - 25 Jan 2017
Question about Czynsz (Building maintenance fees/utilies) in Poland  2  3  4  5
129 - Yes, that's right: This is always the case, the housing association will not ever charge a tenant a...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakow - 28 Jul 2011 Halilak - 20 Jan 2017
Does rental deposit in Poland cover water demages?
Renting apartment in Poland, only via landlord?
Flat prices in Gdansk Old town?
21 - John_yor I am moving & must sell my country home, barn, & 2+ hectares. It is 1 hour &...

Real Estatescottie1113 - 12 Feb 2010 country girl - 3 Jan 2017
Is our Landlord in Poland trying to scam us?
16 - op, any news to your horror story?...

Real EstateConfusedstudent - 22 Sep 2016 GoodGirl22 - 20 Dec 2016
Making an offer on a new flat in Poland
15 - 25-35m2 has held its price the best over the last year. Up to 50m2 can be shifted without too...

Real EstateNewFlatBuyer - 15 Dec 2016 polinv - 19 Dec 2016
How do I rent a flat in Poland?  2
Gdansk/tri city Rental Market

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