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Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property. (page 4)

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Is Osiedle Tysiąclecia a good area to live in Katowice?
To live in flat in Hoża street (Warsaw Srodmiescie) or Single room in Warsaw university's dorm?
4 - @cms and @mafketis, Thank you sooo much guys ! could you recommend me some cool places to hang out...

Real EstateHoneymoon55 - 26 Aug 2016 Honeymoon55 - 31 Aug 2016
Buying a house in Poland. How realistic is the seller's pricing? Discount negotiation.
Can you take credit/mortgage in a Polish bank to buy land in Poland?
11 - Let us know how you get on, so that others have an idea of how it works. Progress report...

Real Estateadamm19830 - 20 Aug 2016 terri - 23 Aug 2016
Best residential areas in Wroclaw to live in?
27 - I have never heard of such a thing and doubt very much that it would exist (though I...

Real Estaterdhir - 31 Jul 2014 mafketis - 24 Jul 2016
Astounded by the poor value of residential property here in Wroclaw  2  3  4
92 - It would be good enough anywhere....

Real EstateInWroclaw - 31 Jan 2013 peterweg - 24 Jul 2016
Can I fence and keep anything in my property in Poland?
3 - What are you planning to keep in ur yard...

Real Estatepolebuilder - 22 Jul 2016 Dreamergirl - 22 Jul 2016
Planning building permission in Poland (I have some land in the countryside)
Polish Owner refusing to sign the rent contract, Katowice; temporary address registration in Poland.
4 - But he will NOT believe you. Look for another flat....

Real EstateRakshita - 1 Jul 2016 terri - 1 Jul 2016
Best Mortgage Lender in Poland?
25 - Do they have a website? My quick search on Google isn't coming up with anything...

Real EstateEdWilczynski - 9 Aug 2011 adamm19830 - 17 Jun 2016
Bank for mortgage in Poland? - I have an excellent credit ratings
Polish Bank - Mortgage in Foreign Currency
Finding rent in Poland without speaking Polish?
10 - I can't make your decisions for you, but if it were me and the places you've found have...

Real Estatepolishguy - 4 Jun 2016 Chemikiem - 5 Jun 2016
Tips wanted: renting apartment in Poland - student is looking for a flat
4 - Merged: Website to Rent an apartment for holidays (1 month, Warsaw) Hello, I am trying to...

Real EstateKristinOnTour - 16 May 2016 Jacques_1789 - 27 May 2016
Details about purchasing a land for commercial use in Poland
Cost of room in Warsaw? Where to look for accomodation?  2
31 - Merged: Hera hostel fee for students of UW Hi I am about to request the administration to...

Real Estateresearchers - 21 Jul 2013 Xorox - 1 May 2016
Where can I find a nice area to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment in or near Katowice?  2
Apartments in Poland - do they allow pets?
Questions about what's standard or conventional in a tenancy agreement in Poland
Buying property in Poland
30 - Hello if you still looking for property in Poland I have very nice land in Poland and is best...

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 3 Feb 2016 AngelikaKrynica - 10 Apr 2016
Real Estate Help - Private Rental of Apartment in Poland / Obtaining Deeds
Tips for Renting in Poznań?
Interior Architect Prices in Poland
Changes to mortgages for EU citizens in Poland with foreign income.  2
What are possible price ranges (rent) for studio and 1 bedroom apartments in Krakow?
Who pays for the real estate agency's cost in Poland?
× What do you think of my house in Poland? Pictures and description.  2  3
66 - Looks a really nice house. Is there land with it?...

Real EstateYosemite - 16 Mar 2016 jon357 - 19 Mar 2016
Looking for real estate in Poland (away from the 'city')
Can foreigner buy apartment in Warsaw, Poland?  2
33 - No Of course. It's your property. Yes. In some banks you can...

Real Estateaileen_china - 8 Jan 2013 wawa_marek - 13 Mar 2016
Insuring Owners goods in a Home under a rental agreement in Poland
3 - That would be awesome! Please let me have his contact.. Thank you....

Real EstateSylvio - 4 Mar 2016 Sylvio - 4 Mar 2016
Why are toilets and sinks in Poland always separated by a door?  2
33 - You find evidence of 'the doors' at Polish airports, esp. Balice in Krakow....

Real Estatedaim - 10 Oct 2015 terri - 1 Mar 2016
Buying a farm in Poland
14 - Greetings, I m moving to the Slupsk/Ustka area soon for a 4 year project. I would like to...

Real Estateacademica72 - 29 Dec 2012 Twoninetango - 25 Feb 2016
Prices of apartment in central Krakow
Remortgaging in Poland
Earn UK income, live in Poland, any chance of a mortgage?
3 - 60% deposit - Ouch!...

Real EstateBritboyByd - 17 Feb 2016 BritboyByd - 17 Feb 2016
Real Estate current condition in Sopot area (checking the market)
New flat / apartment - insurance in Poland?
Cost to build in Eastern Poland - Ideally per m2  2  3
68 - 1 Good timekeeping 2 Completion to stated standard for stated price 3 Teetotal on the job Anyone that...

Real EstateEnglishking - 3 Jan 2011 polishinvestor - 26 Jan 2016
Contemplating moving to Poland with the intention of buying a property out-right and living there  2
Alerting Poland's local land registry offices?
5 - You can go to the local council to find out what property taxes he is liable for and so...

Real EstateCeyda - 9 Jul 2013 polishinvestor - 8 Jan 2016
Any Rent Guarantee Insurance in Poland? Tenants& Landlords In Poland
5 - Ive always manage to avoid such a sequence of events but it can cost a few thousand if you...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakow - 6 Aug 2011 polishinvestor - 8 Jan 2016
Investing in Wroclaw - Nadodrze area - purchasing apartments
Poland Agent refuses to let me see their tenancy agreement unless I sign to pay their fee
13 - Its possible the letting agent didn't want to show a copy of the tenancy agreement as it will have...

Real EstateInWroclaw - 24 Nov 2012 polishinvestor - 3 Jan 2016
Refusal for a mortgage in Poland
Where to live, where to avoid in Krakow
Need some information about Katowice (starting to look for accommodation)
How to get back money? I paid one-month rent + deposit for a room in Poland which I don't like.
Gdańsk - Safe and decent residential areas?
Opening a Hostel / Noclegi / Apartaments in a normal Flat - What permissions do I need in Poland?
2 - I think both....

Real EstateBoXena - 21 Nov 2015 Supaplex - 29 Nov 2015
Shared deed when buying a property in Poland for unmarried couple
6 - Babyboom I am Polish my wife is English, It was going to be a pain if we tried...

Real Estatebabyboom - 6 Nov 2015 dolnoslask - 19 Nov 2015
Pitfalls of buying a Polish Flat built in 1950's
Land value and ownership in Poland
Chlebice village, near Zary, Poland
Property ownership in Poland - purchased solely in my name using a Polish mortgage; my ex's parents live there
5 - If he bought in 2007, he might not even have much equity in the property....

Real Estatebryant123 - 6 Nov 2015 delphiandomine - 6 Nov 2015
Building in Poland, house builders quote prices with foundations?
Giving up a house in Poland
Warsaw life, flat rate for rent, is it worth to live there?
10 - Hello Everyone, I maybe moving to Poland soon. Any idea where I can find websites ( like the ones...

Real Estatedavidhun - 13 Nov 2010 sarah1234567890 - 11 Oct 2015
If my restaurant is less than 50m2 do I need a social room (zaplecze socjalne)?
Buying the "Grunt" in a mieszkanie in Poland - How does that work?
How to sell commercial buildings in Warsaw?

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