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Residential areas near Krakow business park

Geozach 1 | 1
4 Jul 2018 #1
Hellos all
It's my first post here so apologies if I wrote something inappropriate.

I have been offered a role in Krakow business park.(would start by October) . I prefer minimum travelling . I know that there are few trains from Krakow glowny however my office timings would be bit odd (10-7);and hence that doesn't seem feisable .

Could someone advice me good places near KBP. I prefer minimum travelling and place where basic stores like zabka , etc would be there. I would be staying with my wife (no kids) and budget is around 2500pln pm
MoOli 9 | 480
4 Jul 2018 #2
2500pln?? dude will not get you far doing shopping in zabka.Try near biedronka buying cheap $ store stuff they sell for high profits.
OP Geozach 1 | 1
4 Jul 2018 #3
Thanks MoOli , I meant basic shopping stores. Can do major grocery shopping over weekends.

Any suggestions for residential areas near KBP. Say midway between city centre and KBP in which commuting to KBP will be easy , say 15-20 mins via bus

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