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The tenant in Poland can't terminate the rent ?

john_89 1 | -
8 Nov 2012 #1

I've rented a flat for two years , the problem is that the contract stated that the tenant can't terminate the rent ?

what should i do to terminate it ?
Zibi - | 336
9 Nov 2012 #2
read Kodeks Cywilny. On a side note, did the lessor pay the relevant tax?
f stop 24 | 2,501
9 Nov 2012 #3
American laws list the minimum livable conditions that landlord must provide: adequate windows, doors, garbage disposal.. I don't remember the rest. The point is to learn the the local laws and maybe find something unacceptable. If not, find a way to make yourself such a nuissance that the landlord will be glad to be rid of you.
9 Nov 2012 #4
I'd like to help but I don't really understand your question. Do you mean that you want to stop renting the flat that you live in?
13 Nov 2016 #5
Merged: Finish local rent contract in Poland before time

Hello there , i Have Question. I rent local from few months and now I have finance problems and want finish contract but owner don't accept finish contract before time , is there any idea for finish contract with him ? * we wrote in contract that we can finish if I have special reason. Can someone help me because I worry that he can go to low card and make case for me for complete contract. Thanks you guys.
cms 9 | 1,254
14 Nov 2016 #6
Well you are obliged to pay but if you don't then it is very difficult for the landlord to evict you under Polish law.

Alternatively then if you leave, but you don't have money to pay then there is not a lot the landlord can do to get money from you. He cannot get blood from a stone and the legal process would cost him a lot of time and money.

My suggestion - offer him an amount of money to break to contract (say one months rent). If he does not accept then leave the flat, make sure it is clean and tidy before you go. take a few photos on your phone to prove that, and then post the keys to him. Don't answer any of his calls or texts.
15 Nov 2016 #7
Thanks cms for your answer but if I will do this leave local and go out he can't make law case for me ? Second I'm sure that he won't accept keys . I spoke with him before for finish contract and he didn't accept. I also when I was signature contract I was waiting for new card for stay and to now I didn't get it from this I can't get employer for company but he also offer me make contract for employer for me from his company it's complicated I think for speak with him.
cms 9 | 1,254
15 Nov 2016 #8
Well in that case you need to talk to the guy and come to an arrangement - but it does not sound very healthy that you are his tenant and his employee - I trust he is paying you the Polish minimum wage (PLN 12 per hour).
15 Nov 2016 #9
Sorry cms you understand me wrong , he didn't want get me employee for his company no . The landlord have his company and when I told him that I can't get employee for my company he told me that he can make contract for someone employee from his company for work in my company and I will pay for this employee. When I spoke with him about finish contract he start be very angry and told me that we were signature contract for finish 2017 and after few month you want finish contract. Really I don't know what I can do or how I can speak with him sometimes I feel afraid or worry because I don't know polish laws.
krkgdn 1 | 3
4 Jun 2018 #10
I was wondering, since the fix-term contract should/cannot be terminated, and in case im moving town due to relocation of my company, is it possible to just terminate the contract by not paying the 1 or 2 months usually agreed in the contract to be evicted? or there will be any repercussions ?

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