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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property. (page 10)

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Kraków Mortgage in US dollars
5 - Quite frankly - the vast majority of the English speaking ones in Poland are nothing but pond life. If...

Real Estatemalyniebieski - 20 Mar 2010 delphiandomine - 14 Jun 2010
Is there a Real Estate bubble in Krakow?  2
60 - My wife an I have been searching the estate market in Kraków for several years. I do believe that...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakow - 11 Jun 2008 malyniebieski - 13 Jun 2010
Contractual issue, a notary agreement to sell an apartment in Poland
Furnished properties for rent in Warsaw?
× Making an offer for Polish houses
Basic building products cheaper in Poland than UK
House prices in Poland to drop more or rise again?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
How to rent an apartment in Wroclaw for just 1-3 months?
4 -

Real Estate1monthgirl - 28 Apr 2010 Wroclaw Boy - 2 May 2010
The average rent price per week of an apartment in Poland (Warsaw)
American (former Polish) - real estate inheritance / ownership transfer in Poland
Where to sell a land in Poland,100Ha, with all the permissions to build?
Poland apartment hunting for Airline workers
3 - :o) Forgot to mention: staying in Warsaw from spring to fall....

Real EstateKikiMiha - 1 Apr 2010 KikiMiha - 1 Apr 2010
Do we need to get a UK solicitor or a Polish one?
Are the tenants responsible? - question about renting property in Poland
13 - A masterly plan....

Real Estatednz - 17 Mar 2010 Harry - 18 Mar 2010
Living costs & bills (2 bedroomed flat) in Legnica
Substantial amount of agricultural land in Poland - what to do with it
Buying Property in Poland is out on Amazon
How do you comment on "Poland real estate analysis" of the biggest property site
24 - But none of these owners are so desperate that they will sell you one eh...?...

Real EstateMarkson - 25 Dec 2009 wildrover - 25 Feb 2010
Mortgages for apartments in Poland - what currency?
Help with Poland mortgages! (not married couple)
4 - Thanks for the help will try this now....

Real EstateWydma1 - 17 Feb 2010 Wydma1 - 17 Feb 2010
Price per a small furnished apartment per month? (Living in Poland for a year)
Poland flat tax issues - real estate - 10% tax
Cost of a two-bedroom apartment and living in Wroclaw? (For purchase)
Buying a house in POland from "gmina"?
6 - thanks!...

Real Estatef stop - 1 Feb 2010 f stop - 3 Feb 2010
Nice sections of Krakow to live in, and other questions
4 - Try - lots of ads for places to rent there....

Real Estatemattyz - 24 Jan 2010 inkrakow - 24 Jan 2010
Multiple owners of agricultural property in poland
8 - Just had a look at the site, i see your a new business. What kind of properties are you...

Real EstateNecramancer - 27 Apr 2009 Wroclaw Boy - 12 Jan 2010

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