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Any Feed back on PKG real estate Krakow? the site has a red /bad mark from WEB of Trust

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
1 Dec 2010 #1
Hello All,
Any of you has some feed back on the company PKG Real Estate in Krakow?

On Mozilla , their website has a Red Circle from Web of Trust (an organisation giving evaluation based on users)
Would you share your experience with this real estate company ( selling and renting in Krakow).

Also could any of you recommend good real estate agencies (with reasonable fees, reliable, etc)

Many thanks.
Olaf 6 | 955
1 Dec 2010 #2
Hi Lwowska,

Their website is ok, quite useful actually, so no fear. I used their services once, at least I tried. I got to see the apartment I was planning to rent, and almost at the end of the deal their agent (think I have her business card somewhere) stopped answering emails. In those circumstances it was weird enough to resign, and I found an apartment ssomewhere else. Apart from that they were ok (however, that was a substancial disadvantage;) ).

PM me if you need a different company.

Scruffy - | 1
2 Dec 2010 #3

I have used PKG real estate numerous times. I have been buying and selling, investing & developing property in Poland for over 7 years.

PKG have sold approx 15-20 apartments for me during that period. I have always found them efficient and reliable. There are a lot of good things in Poland but their real estate agencies is definitely not one of them. this is why I used PKG. I always received a reply to my emails in the same day, sometimes within an hour or two.

I don't know anything about this website of trust thing but as far as PKG go I can't recommend them highly enough. to be honest, I wish I had a similar agency in Wroclaw where I am currently selling!!

I am surprised to hear you had a bad experience Olaf, it doesn't sound like the same company I have been dealing with.

Olaf 6 | 955
2 Dec 2010 #4
I was hoping this was just an exception, too bad it had to be me. Anyway, you were much bigger client for them than me, as I was looking to rent one apartment, their earning on me would be about 2000 PLN, on you - much more. So I reckon they would answer your emails even a 3 a.m. :). Anyway it still shouldn't happen. Maybe this agent wasn't very good, but their manager did not give me the best impression either. Too bad, still, they do have good offers, and it is not like I would never use their service again. I notice a general tendency (no matter the country) that people do not respond emails and phones often, even if you are a client...

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