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Luksa - Big problems with developer in Lwowska, Krakow

14 Oct 2009 #61
Luksa and Lwowska has taken a new twist - thay want to offload us and there is a real risk that we lose deposit. Considering legal action. How many of us are out there?
18 Oct 2009 #62
Ridom,what do you mean by that Luksa wants to offload us?

my solicitors have attempted to get luksa to agree to terminate m
y contract for over a year . they of course have had no luck. we have found out recently that luksa written to the estate agents(whom I originally dealth with ) seeking the next instalment as the building permit came through. As i did not pay it they are now proposing to termaite the contact and to only return 90% of my original deposit, no expenses. But will luksa they even repay 90%!

worst again, my solicitor said if we were to go to court , luksa may argue that they were unable to fulfil the requirements of the contract due to matters outside their control(lack of building permit).
18 Oct 2009 #63
Exactly the same situation we (3 of us) are in - right down to the 90%. Our solicitor is advising we settle for 90% cause 'he may change his mind". We are in a no win situation here - we may be forced to settle for our 90% and then chase the rest in court at a later date. Will Luksa repay the 90% - I really don't know. We know of one Irish lad who has been trying to terminate for over a year and he is in the same situation as you.

Very angry about everything from the way Luksa has treated us right down to our pricey solicitor fees and advice.
18 Oct 2009 #64
By settling for 90% return of the deposit, Luksa definately has the upper hand
on all 3 of us . Luksa have known for over a year and a half that I wanted to terminate
the contract,so why write to me seeking next instalment. Only so they have the power to issue the withdrawl on their own terms. 90% return of deposit does not sound bad ,until you consider the agents fees and another 20% on solicitor costs to date. throwing money into a black hole. It frustrates me that this is going on so long.
19 Oct 2009 #65
Agents fees for what service? We paid nothing to agents. Solictor fees - yes.

Get your 90% if you can like us and then we chase the rest.

What is you nationality?

P.S. It also sounds like u have the same solicitor as us but I'm not gonna share that over this forum.
20 Oct 2009 #66
Did you not have to pay 3% fees to the real estate (seeling agent) at the time of signing the preliminary contract?
20 Oct 2009 #67
He asked for the 3% but we didn't pay cause in effect we had bought nothing - and still havn't. I've no doubt that its the same agent. And he agreed. We have had no contact with agent in approx 2 years.

You only pay agents fees if sale goes through - which it won't now.
23 Oct 2009 #68
oh,some of us paid the agents fess of 3% on signing the preliminary agreement. it was a condition at the time. i was sure it was the same with other agents.i wonder could we try now try to reclaim any of that fee back from the agents now that the sale has not gone through?
polsky 2 | 84
26 Oct 2009 #69
these scamming builders they go probably after this way of thinking:

1.If the price at the beginning it was too high - good, we make more profits

2.If the price at the beginning it was too low - we can sell now that it is
finished, at much higher prices, we already got the financiang we needed
from these suckers, so let's scam them off, and get much higher profits..
15 Nov 2009 #70
What do you decide finally? you ask to get your money back or you continue with this investment?
bolek 6 | 330
15 Nov 2009 #71
Doubt if Luksa will provide a windfall in the very near future.
molly - | 3
28 Jan 2010 #72
is there any advantage getting a compulsory mortgage against the developer's property through the courts if the developer appears to have financial problems?
OP thedom 1 | 7
31 Jan 2010 #73

Clearly you are being advised to do just that by your lawyer because Luksa is stalling on paying up - again. Ditto for us. Sounds like we have the same solicitor or else they all work off the same strategy book. Short answer to your quest - don't know - but what is your alternative particularly if your limitation period is up?
molly - | 3
2 Feb 2010 #74
does anyone know a fax number for Luksa SP Z.O.O?
Does anyone know if this is still there address UL Wispole,
Krakow 31-072?
unclemeat - | 1
19 Feb 2010 #75
Hello everyone

I'm just about to buy an apartment in different localisation from Pawo (Luksa) but now I'm afraid. Tell me do You still have problems with those people and with repayment?

Their address is still Wielopole 18b 31-072:
Visionary Devel - | 4
20 Feb 2010 #76
Any more current news on this issue? Did anyone actually get their money back?
molly - | 3
1 Mar 2010 #77
The majority of us are sitting and waiting for the money even after 3 years
7 Oct 2011 #78
Any new in 2011? I'm waiting for the money... Any hope?
peterweg 37 | 2,311
7 Oct 2011 #79
Don't know. howerere they are bring out a law to protect customers. The same thing was worthless in Spain, it should be noted.

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