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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property. (page 8)

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Renting in Krakow, Poland - the safest district? fairly close to the city centre...
Poland House Price Index
4 - Thanks. That's what I was looking for....

Real EstateZiutek - 16 Nov 2013 Ziutek - 17 Nov 2013
Buying agricultural land in Poland as an investment opportunity? Cost of ploughing?
16 - Each case is different, the best way to get information about it for a Permit to Build is a...

Real Estatepolishmortgages - 23 Jul 2011 JHW - 30 Oct 2013
What is the załęże district of Katowice like to live in?
8 - Yes. Some even work part-time in them....

Real Estateerika5 - 24 Oct 2013 jon357 - 25 Oct 2013
Apartment damage and rental deposit in Poland
20 - I'm fairly certain you wouldn't have a chance in a Polish court, given the amount of enemies you...

Real Estatereliantship - 11 Jul 2013 delphiandomine - 22 Oct 2013
Property Transfer between relatives in Poland
Renovating a house in janikowo....
Restructuring of polish chf mortgage  2
Polish Nieruchomości (real estate) commission madness!
Buying a flat in Krakow; prices are still falling?  2  3  4  5  6  7
Mortage guidlines for senior age in Poland?
Rent in Lublin - approximate cost?
5 - Statistics for Lublin says 1692 zł....

Real EstateKateSnow - 6 Aug 2012 Monitor - 2 Sep 2013
Gmina inner road / fence along the boundary of my land in Poland?
Buying/Selling distressed property in Poland/ Walk away from your mortgage
Mokotów (Warsaw) or other areas with kids?
Expired Apartment Leases in Warsaw Poland
Building a tennis court on a land in Poland
Polish citizen wanting to buy a house in Poland.
What's with the commitment for rents in Poland?
Apartment in Poland is not up to standard; right to terminate the rental agreement?  2  3
78 - So im in a similar situation and dont know what to do :/ HELP PLZ...

Real EstateFredrikkk - 15 Nov 2011 youcef - 21 Jul 2013
Day of exchange of contracts with property sellers in Poland
12 - Set up a escrow account with the bank....

Real Estatemcm1 - 2 Jul 2013 poland_ - 3 Jul 2013
Poland Real Estate 2013 -drops in offer prices, lack of liquidity indicate market crashing  2
39 - A tiny market in Warsaw and one that is saturated....

Real Estatepoland_ - 13 Feb 2013 jon357 - 30 Jun 2013
Tips on finding an Apartment in Lublin in Spring
Warsaw studio apartment for 146K?
Is there an issue with sitting tenants in Poland?
Negotiating - how low will developers go? (Krakow)
83 - Now is a good time prices fall. It is now to invest in Poland. Only the head with good...

Real EstatePolonius3 - 22 May 2009 FUNDUS CERTUS - 17 May 2013
Landlord`s obligations regarding repairing things that belong to the house in Poland
Poland Modlin Airport -flat or house in vicinity (what cities or towns?)
Accepting cash settlement from property inheritance in Poland?
Flat in Krakow near Wavel - how much to rent a 100m2 apartment?
11 - I've found an apartment in Poland, but a little bit expensive....

Real Estatevjmehra - 14 Apr 2013 terri - 15 Apr 2013
100% LTV mortgage possible for foreigner in Poland?
The cost of a furnished apartment near Warsaw downtown are high? Why?  2
Statistics directly related to prices or potential price movement of real estate in Poland
Average land price in a village in Poland
5 - thank you for your input...

Real Estateizzy - 16 Sep 2007 ShadyDC - 9 Apr 2013
Water Company in Poland laying new pipes through my garden and outbuildings...
Is it possible for a bank to prevent you from selling your apartment at a logical price?
The current property boom in Poland is a bubble  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
Kodeksu cywilnego Umowa najmu for tenants in Poland and laws governing tenancy agreements
Polish building plans
16 - not quite. read the thread again....

Real Estatekirks - 20 Oct 2012 Wroclaw - 9 Mar 2013
Best and worst months of the year to find a flat to rent in Poland?  2
Supply vs Demand - How long can contractors continue to push? Krakow
Warsaw Management Fees, do these charges seem reasonable?
3 - what is the rent?, do you have income from rental, any invoice have been produced...?...

Real EstateMacT - 25 Jan 2013 polishmortgages - 22 Feb 2013
New property tax in Wrocław, from 1 Feb? Tax on apartment's garage or parking space 50% !
5 - The secret is to slow down and read things carefully, i.e.:- ...

Real EstateInWroclaw - 17 Feb 2013 InWroclaw - 17 Feb 2013
Reasonable sum to spend on rent for an apartment in Warsaw?
What is the usual fee from real estate agencies in Krakow charged to flat owner
3 - I paid a full month. So the price of the apt pr. month - charges, that was the commission...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakow - 15 Jan 2013 phtoa - 23 Jan 2013
Has the Poland real estate bubble popped?
How are Poland's properties priced?  2
Looking to purchase a house in Poland - Where / How to look.
10 - hi there, I have a house for sale at the below address, let me know if you are...

Real EstateEarlGrey - 21 Nov 2012 Paulush - 10 Dec 2012
Are there any legal Poland realtors here?
Help need for choosing a neighbourhood in Warsaw
Rural places to live near Warsaw and other housing questions.
Finding Land of my great grandmother from Poland
Demand for apartments low in Poland's main cities  2  3
Chimney Sweeps in Krakow - experiences of flat owners in central Krakow?
4 - I really doubt it .It is not even mandatory for tenants or owners to have property insurance or...

Real EstateSnowmuncher - 7 Oct 2012 LwowskaKrakow - 9 Oct 2012
The electricty company want to install another pylon on my farmland to support a 15Kw line
Looking for a flat pack house company in Poland
3 - Standard of finish? How long is a piece of string? You can go from a log cabin to...

Real Estategraemeh - 3 Oct 2012 Avalon - 3 Oct 2012
Księga Wieczysta (no entry)
Wrocław has some of the highest rents in Poland

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