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How easy is it to rent an apartment in Poland prior to moving?

4 Mar 2014 #1
I tried to find a good thread on this so if this is repeated, sorry about that.

First of all, I am well aware that it is easier to secure an apartment to live in if my husband and I were in Poland at the moment, like with any place. BUT, in the event that lets say, we can't stay with a friend/family member and we have to figure something out before we move there, what documentation could a landlord need? Or what process would we have to do to obtain a place to live? I've had job offers but our documents aren't in order yet, so I have to wait a bit.

Here's a back story for you:
I am a Polish citizen (born in PL, but currently in the US). We've been married over 5 years.
He isn't a Polish citizen but we hope to apply him for the residence card as soon as we land.

Have any of you have experience getting an apartment prior to landing? I'm sure they want to know that I am employed.

Sorry if I'm taking in circles. I'd like to know proper steps to do this.

Thanks in advance,
jon357 69 | 18,445
4 Mar 2014 #2
Most landlords don't require documentation. They may ask, however the rent being paid is what they're concerned with. As for flats before arrival, there's no point, in Warsaw or other big cities anyway. Even in smaller towns you can usually find somewhere quickly. If you're Polish I'm surprised you need to ask.
OP magda1981
4 Mar 2014 #3
thank you. I was concerned more with any documentation, especially since I'll be moving back. Just curiousity.
Back in PL I only lived with family, not on my own, so I wasn't sure.
jon357 69 | 18,445
4 Mar 2014 #4
I see. Don't worry, renting is very straightforward - often there's no contract involved because the owner doesn't want to pay tax. A pain if you need a contract so you can claim the cost of the apartment from work, but easy enough to find somewhere that's perfectly legal.

I've never heard of anyone sorting out the accommodation before they come. The few times I've needed to find an apartment it's taken no longer than 2 weeks to get a good one.

A nice place to start is (a bit like a European Craigslist). Good luck apartment hunting!
OP magda1981
4 Mar 2014 #5
perfect info, thanks. My friend in Warszawa has a friend in real estate too, but, I always like to get several options ahead of me :)

Apprecieate it.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 Mar 2014 #6
Rent something temporary in advance through: and later when you are in Poland choose permanent place personally.
OP magda1981
6 Mar 2014 #7
thank you Monitor.
Prabhat Kapil - | 1
9 Mar 2014 #8

We own and manage over 45 apartments in Warsaw Center.

You can write in to us by email with details of your arrival dates and duration of stay. We also offer apartments for short term while you decide on your longer term options.

Procedures are very simply and all our apartments are fully furnished and modern apartments with high speed Internet.

With Best Regards

Prabhat Kapil (PK)

ul. £ucka 20/44, 00-845 Warsaw, Poland
Mobile: +48 661 107 218, +48 605 341 356
Landline: +48 22 654 46 85
E-mail: polandconnect@yahoo, Skype: pkinpoland
Pani A 2 | 28
9 Mar 2014 #9
We rented our house prior to arrival, no issues what so ever. Passport copies and signed contract was enough, the day we arrived we met with landlord and finalised paperwork. Really, it was easy. HOWEVER - if I was to do it again I would rent a furnished apartment for a few days first, the mad rush to go and get mattresses after a long flight was NOT funny, haha.
nietoperek25 - | 6
11 Mar 2014 #10
Yep, I confirm, in Poland it couldn't be easier to rent sth. You just land, go to nearest real estate agency - half of them would speak English somehow, in big cities I mean. They would offer you many options, and all you need is your passport. You just need to have some instant cash to pay for deposit (1-3 months' rental) and rental, and you have it.

I am in real estates, and also I have some appartments on my own, and I would never ask for anything else, apart from cash and passport.
OP magda1981
11 Mar 2014 #11
Hello everybody! Thank you for all the information. Great things to keep in mind.

To the poster above, yes furnished would be ideal! I dont want to have to look for anything at first either :)

Have a good day

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