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Long term apartment average rent in Krakow?

3 Oct 2012 #1
i never been in Poland and wondering how much it will cost me for monthly paid one bedroom apartment in Krakaw.
i appreciate your help !

Elecks 3 | 9
4 Oct 2012 #2
well a decent "one bedroom" apartament. also known as kawalerka in Polish. Has a cost range of 800-1300 ( excl Power, Gas, Water) I pay 1200zl/month and live like 10 min walk from the main square and main station!
deepeejay - | 1
11 Nov 2012 #3
[Moved from]: Cost of renting 2 bedroom apartment/house in Krakow

What would it cost per month to rent a 2 bedroomed place - all in - in Krakow
terri 1 | 1,663
11 Nov 2012 #4
It all depends on the location and the sq.m. of the flat.
You are looking for a 3-roomed flat with a separate kitchen - anything from 1500-2500zl/month
falcon - | 4
5 Jan 2013 #5
Merged: Long Term Flat Rental on Krakow

Hi all, Moving to Krakow later this month and wanted to know how to go about renting a flat and what formalities and amount needs to be paid upfront.

From doing a google search, only Hamilton May seems to provide credible information with images, size of the flat, monthly rental etc.

could anyone recommend good estate agents who can help?

phtoa 9 | 236
16 Jan 2013 #6
Hey buddy,

I rented through Leach&Lang in Krakow. They are good, website provides all the same as Hamilton May, but usually at better price, services, etc.

Check it out.
falcon - | 4
16 Jan 2013 #7
Many thanks Phtoa. Will check out L&L once I arrive. Any particular agent from L&L that you found helpful, appreciate the person's name so I can use your reference.

phtoa 9 | 236
16 Jan 2013 #8
appreciate the person's name so I can use your reference

I do not have it actually, as the guy who have showed me the apt. signed the contact with me etc. I do no longer have any contact with.

Now if I have any issues I just deal with some secretary at L&L (very helpful though)

Also you can go to and use the google chrome browser and translate the whole page into English.
On Gumtree they have waay bigger variety, also real nice flats.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
16 Jan 2013 #9
In anycase i find it hard to know the fees landlords and tenants have to pay to agents in Poland as it is not always clearly written on their websites despite beeing logically an essential info for both parties ,tenants and landlords.

The agency is the only one i found which specifies that the Tenants pay a commission of 60% of 1 monthly rent and the Landlord does not pay any fee.( written in Polish) to the agency for finding a tenant.

Competition is quite fierce everywhere so it would be appreciated by everyone if Real Estate agencies could inform clients upfront about their fees ,it would save time .
mwallace - | 1
14 Feb 2014 #10
I used Hamilton May when I rented somewhere in Krakow. Service was different league to other companies (including Leach and Lang) and prices were as good - they had more apartments listed, so plenty to choose from. I think they are one of the only companies that actually keeps the website updated - not exactly rocket science but I wasted a lot of time with other agencies chasing advertised properties that we not available Also worth trying gumtree, as DIY option, although language barrier might be an issue when dealing with the owner and info a bit patchy.
Maluch 30 | 94
4 Mar 2014 #11
curious - what commission did they charge you for finding you a place?

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