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Water Company in Poland laying new pipes through my garden and outbuildings...

dippychick_52 1 | 3
28 Mar 2013 #1
Hi there. I am English, but moved to Poland some 12 years ago, and so still unsure about Polish laws and regulations.
I live in a small village in the Bieszczady region, not far from Solina, and the water company are laying new pipes through the village. Now, instead of doing the easy thing, running the pipes along the side of the main road, they are laying them through peoples gardens etc, in some cases, knocking down/demolishing established buildings/woodsheds etc that are in the way (as long as they are not concrete built I believe this is allowed)

Anyway, what I would like to know, is in the UK, and most of mainland Europe, this company would need to recompense the customer for damaging hsi land/buildings, and even put right was has been destroyed (gardens, driveways etc) by the heavy machinery.....Is this the case in Poland? the local Wojt (not sure I have spelt that correctly - head man of the village) is very reluctant to hand over details of the company, and just says that the villagers must accept what is happening, and shut up!

So...all advice, help etc is greatly appreciated - We have 2 weeks before work commences, so the more information we have the better we can fight them!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
28 Mar 2013 #2
Ask question here It shouldn't be problem if you write it in English.
28 Mar 2013 #3
we have the better we can fight them!

Don't fight them - you will lose or they will do a bad job at your side. You have the right to object if there is need to destroy a building or the plans will weaken foundations. The best thing to do is always find the headman, treat him well and make him your friend. You will never beat them, they will make your life a misery - think smart...
OP dippychick_52 1 | 3
3 Apr 2013 #4
Hi a bit more info on this, we the villagers put in a petition to have the works moved from the current plans to a new area they are trying to make water go uphill on their current route and planning to dig through 2 natural springs in my garden cross very unsafe terrain because of the springs and they are going through my workshop which by polish law they are entitled to do because it has no concrete foundations and its only a light wood construction my main problem is ok one side is open the other closed if i take the necessary precautions to ensure no damage comes to my building and the contractors damage it anyway do they have to pay for repairs or is it me that has to do the repairs and pay for them, also does the ground they are crossing have to be put back as it was previously grass as well because i have told the mayor that he is a fool to cross that ground and offered him my land rover to attempt to drive across said ground, he could not walk across it and his nice posh shoes sunk in mud (point proved i thought) but he said we are going through it anyway you have no say. So my question is this if they cause any damage to my land or buildings with diggers am i going to have to pay for it or should they pay to repair it to the standard that it was before they entered my land.

One thing i have learnt is dont fight the establishment especially here its like the mafia they will only cause you hell i want to work with them i will take part of my workshop down for them myself as i see no other way for it not to be damaged but the main structure will be left standing the same as tea and coffee will be provided but i dont think i should have to pay for what they damage

Thanks for any advice
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Apr 2013 #5
what did people in say?
OP dippychick_52 1 | 3
3 Apr 2013 #6
if i could read polish i would let you know i think i will sit down with my polish friend tonight and have a good look through it and see what can be done

thanks for your help
3 Apr 2013 #7
i dont think i should have to pay for what they damage

If you are there while the work is going on, they normally work with you, if you decide to leave your plot for a few days while the work is going, hope for the best and expect the very worst. As for damage your job is to limit it, they will not pay to replace anything in PL, can you imagine owners would be paying the construction workers to cause damage. LMAO.
THE HITMAN - | 236
3 Apr 2013 #8
The only way forward. Involve a reporter or consult a lawyer. Ttat way it,s on record. Else the hierarchy here will trample all over you.

Don,t take advice from the village experts, neither from here. ( I appreciate people trying to be helpful ). Get it in black and white. Take photos before and after, keep a diary.

There is laws, and of course you have " rights ".
If you do as the villagers. Case closed.
If you have courage. Start researching NOW, time is running out.
OP dippychick_52 1 | 3
3 Apr 2013 #9
rather fortunatly not only do i have good insurance for my building and land but because this is council work they want to put the pipes in i dont have a problem in that area, my friend has said no they will put any land they cross back as it was ie they make it all muddy they will level it all out and put grass back on it so i think thats pretty reasonable its just i have my doubts about the building they will be going inside of, if the firms insurance covers any damage they do to that

all i know is its a nightmare the ground is really wet and muddy and they want to be driving 15 ton diggers across it
Krakman 4 | 58
4 Apr 2013 #10
I would have thought the benefit of having piped water within arms reach of your property, will outweigh any potential damage caused by the installation?

One of my friends just had water installed in a new build property. Unfortunately for him, the nearest water mains was 300 meters from his house - 30,000PLN later and he has water on tap. The same installation cost me 900PLN (9 meters).

Wells are a good idea, until they dry up!! My in law's well dried up 6 months ago (after years of low pressure). Drilling for a new well cost them 15,000PLN.

I imagine the company will postpone digging until the land has (somewhat) dried out.
CJ2a - | 3
4 Apr 2013 #11
Drilling for a new well cost them 15,000PLN.I imagine the company will postpone digging until the land has (somewhat) dried out.

i wish it would dry up might help me a little bit and its for drainage not water, my house has a well and village water and our well is never likley to dry up as our back garden is full of wells openly pumping water up through the ground down 2 mini rivers in the garden and the land drying out is wishful thinking as i found as they are digging through the middle of a small river flowing through my garden also but im going to see my insurance man about this to see what he has to say
wawa_marek 1 | 129
6 Apr 2013 #12
this company would need to recompense the customer for damaging hsi land/buildings

They also should recompense for damaging. You should give "służebność gruntu" to investor on paper, on other case you can even stop the work in progress. I remember the same case.

Ask someone to call,instytucje-powiatowe/powiatowy-inspektorat-nadzoru-budowlanego-w-sanoku-6

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