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Residential property sale in Warsaw - worth selling now?

Goldiewatson 1 | 1
12 Nov 2013 #1
Hi I have a property in Central Walsall which I am considering selling. We have had a managing agent look after the property for several years and we want to get a true value on our property to see whether it is worth selling at this moment in time. Anybody share their views on this thanks in advance
johnb121 4 | 183
12 Nov 2013 #2
Walsall or Warsaw? In any event any valuation will be based on the opinion of the estate agent, which in turn will depend on whether or not he thinks he can or will get a chance to sell it. EAs will often up value so they get the job of selling, but then tell you the price is too high and you need to lower it.
jon357 75 | 22,576
12 Nov 2013 #3
Look on for flats in the same street and see what the prices are. Bear in mind that the asking price is usually much higher than the actual value,

Central Walsal

Assuming you do mean Warsaw, that is ;-)
Sarahhall - | 1
10 Dec 2013 #4
Your priority should always be to pay secured creditors initially. Mortgage companies lenders have security in your house and they should always be the ones to pay off first.

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