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Gmina inner road / fence along the boundary of my land in Poland?

ikonmx 2 | 6
28 Aug 2013 #1
It has become necessary to either fence or place bollards along the boundary of my land, where it runs along parallel to a gmina inner road. Is there any restriction as to how close I can place either of these to the road edge??
28 Aug 2013 #2
You should do it at the border of your land, but first you need to notify municipal office about your plans. It is forbidden to build fences from the road side (or any public places) without notification (the procedure is called - 'zgłoszenie')
OP ikonmx 2 | 6
28 Aug 2013 #3

Thanks for advice. Just to clarify, can I simply write to the Wojt and inform him of my plans or do I need to fill out some special form?
Kowalski 7 | 621
28 Aug 2013 #4
something similar to this:

File 30 days before you start, If there is no written objection from gmina in 30 days you may go ahead. You should describe your job and provide signed statement that you have land title for the property, may include drawings that could be done by yourself

and no sharp objects, endings, barbed wires lower then 1.8 m, no gates less then 0.9 m and no gate opening outside :)
28 Aug 2013 #5
It is a procedure (Zgłoszenie), you will probably need to provide some drawings or sketches and a short description. You will find more information about the requirements in Polish Building Law (Ustawa - Prawo Budowlane z dnia 7 lipca 1994r.) art. 30.1 and 30.2. You can also contact the municipal office directly and ask them, most of the offices have their forms available on-line, and list of documents that you should provide is usually part of the form.
OP ikonmx 2 | 6
29 Aug 2013 #6
Thanks all.

Just one final question: If I later want to place a fence and gate within my land ( to separate two areas ), but away from the road, would I also need to follow this procedure?
29 Aug 2013 #7
if the fence is lower than 2.2m and it isn't build next to a public place or a road or a rail tracks, you can just build it.
OP ikonmx 2 | 6
31 Aug 2013 #8
Merged: Gmina road location next to my property in Poland

I am having trouble establishing the exact location of the gmina road next to my property. The only permanent object around is the electric pylons that run parallel to the road, which I would guess were built in the 50's or early 60's. Does anybody know if there is a minimum distance they should be from the road?
31 Aug 2013 #9
You need a map. You can get 'mapa zasadnicza' from your municipal office, you can also try to find it here:
OP ikonmx 2 | 6
1 Sep 2013 #10
Thanks. Will go to Municipal Office.

Not sure if this is the right place, but somewhere to start.

The last 3,5km of road to my property is a Gmina inner road. It has a mostly clay surface, so is not always driveable. For some years I have been pressing the wojt and the council for improvements, but for the most part receive excuses. Looking at where the funding goes a cynic might conclude their priority was nothing more than re-election, but there isn't space to discuss that here. Anyway, does anybody know the extent of the legal duty that the Gmina have in relation to maintaining home access?
2 Sep 2013 #11
Not sure if this is the right place, but somewhere to start.

You should look for the Department of Geodesy and Cartography (Wydział Geodezji i Kartografii), they will have all the maps there. I don't know how small is the town you live in, if they don't have this department there, you might look for it in the nearest bigger town.

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