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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property. (page 7)

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House for rent - cost per month in Poland (Wroclaw). Affluent neighborhoods?
Kalisz Slums
Value per sq m in Piastow, Warsaw
Australian citizen - Inheriting studio apartment in Warsaw
3 - I can overtake the flat ;-))...

Real Estatehedonisticyou - 24 Nov 2014 moniq - 24 Nov 2014
Purchase of Apartment (Krakow) by proxy from the USA.
4 - Hi Malyniebieski, We helped our customers to buy property and we had some people from US. I can...

Real Estatemalyniebieski - 24 Apr 2012 polishmortgages - 18 Nov 2014
Buying land near the Vistula/Wisla in Poland?
Ideas how to invest sum of 500,000ZL in Warsaw - real estate is recommended?
Land claim in Poland.
Living in a Flat that is rented as "Not habitable" - what are the legalities in Poland?
How the Poland property market became a HUGE bubble  2
35 - :D I've just noticed a flat in a prestige street reduced from 690 tys to 599 tys. It...

Real EstateWroclaw Boy - 11 Oct 2013 InWroclaw - 2 Nov 2014
Annual wspolnota (owners committee) meeting-prejudicial treatment of foreigners in Poland?
Buying a property in Poland to rent out from the UK  2  3
Are Mortgage brokers licenced in Poland? Can anyone become an real estate agent?
Sub rent and stolen deposit (renting a flat in Warsaw)
Apartment Admin Fee in Poland / Krakow?
4 - So you did, my bad! I think you mean the bill that's usually paid in addition to rent every...

Real Estatesuperuser1999 - 14 Oct 2014 InWroclaw - 15 Oct 2014
Lost keys for communal letterbox in Poland
5 - Thanks again for your input . You have been most helpful. I did say communal box but it has...

Real Estatetonybiker81 - 14 Oct 2014 tonybiker81 - 14 Oct 2014
Any Good Real Estate company in Krakow getting the rent from tenants?
3 - I assume you mean as a tenant. I always negotiate here. The most I ever paid was 50% of...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakow - 12 Sep 2014 InWroclaw - 10 Oct 2014
Is it even possible to get a house with meldunek as a student in Poland?
Opinion about Rozanska - Wroclaw
2 - Do you mean a street? I can't find Rozanska street - maybe it should be Różana?...

Real EstateHoggar213 - 22 Sep 2014 Mammillaria - 2 Oct 2014
Rental Income in Poland - how is it taxed ?
Advice needed on rent debt in Poland? A government flat shared with other person.
Recommendations- low cost sworn translator for signing of Notary deed in Poland
Annex to Rental contract in Poland (I want to include my wife's name)
Is the neighbourhood near Metro Imielin a good place to stay?
What does a traditional apartment in Poland look like?
Flat/apartment Rental Sites in Poland
property tax on residential real estate in Poland?
9 - BTW I have eperimented that and didnt pay on a lokal for almost 21/2 years all they do is...

Real Estatenomen - 14 Jul 2012 Dont gag me yo - 28 Jun 2014
Advice needed on land sale in Gmina Lelkowo
Is it possible to pre- pay a house/mortgage loan In Poland?
Świnna Poręba. Does anyone have any updates/knowledge of the development?
How can I find out the average inflation/deflation rate for flats/houses over the last 10 years?
Poland Commercial Real Estate News. Which companies are active now?
Advice on Lodz - the less desirable parts of Lodz (to avoid)?
6 - Hello, I am staying in Lodz from past few months , not sure though if i will be...

Real Estatebaboon812 - 30 Apr 2012 Paritosh - 28 May 2014
Zones to live in Bydgoszcz
Where can foreigners get financing in Poland? I will be purchasing a small home.
12 - It is very difficult to get a $20,000 unsecured bank loan here. I might be able to put a...

Real EstateEinstein - 20 May 2014 Einstein - 22 May 2014
Preliminary Contract - Purchase of Apartment
26 - Yes to all....

Real Estatebabsetta - 29 Mar 2014 Lenka - 31 Mar 2014
Question - Rent websites (Specifically in Katowice)
Rental prices in Warsaw - article; it gives a useful idea of how the different "gminas" are positioned.
6 - I may have to move to Warsaw later in the year and so would need to find something sensible...

Real Estatesobieski - 25 Mar 2014 Jardinero - 25 Mar 2014
Moving to Warsawa with cat and hubby - where to live?
Real Estate Agencies in Poland (they are greedy for money)
18 - is a national chain...

Real EstateLusofreak - 5 Apr 2012 Wroclaw Boy - 20 Mar 2014
Foreigners can now buy houses in Poland  2
55 - Thank you, John. That's a bit of good news, much appreciated....

Real Estatescorpio - 3 May 2009 InWroclaw - 16 Mar 2014
Any ideas on how I can sell some apartments in Pabianice Poland quickly?
How easy is it to rent an apartment in Poland prior to moving?
Tax Advice - selling property in Poland- contact for account in Gdynia?
Long term apartment average rent in Krakow?
11 - curious - what commission did they charge you for finding you a place?...

Real Estatehzaben - 3 Oct 2012 Maluch - 4 Mar 2014
Property Developer HORROR in Lodz
Non Pole Applying for Mortgage in Poland
Help to buy a flat - for Poland's first time buyers
What are the legal rights of a majority owner of Polish real estate property?
Negotiating a Mortgage for a new apartment in Poland
"Zachowek" means that even if the dead bequeathed his/her property in Poland..
6 - Thank you all so much, this is very helpful. I'm from the US so I had no idea how...

Real Estateperkujki - 29 Jun 2013 Don'tWantIt - 22 Jan 2014
Prices of agricultural land in Poland  2
Mortgages in Poland while living and working in the UK?
20 - I will PM you with a link or two but not sure you need it, or you might already...

Real EstateShadyMarkus - 13 Dec 2011 InWroclaw - 27 Dec 2013
Recommend good residential areas in which to rent an apartment in Lodz?
Residential property sale in Warsaw - worth selling now?
Housing market in Wroclaw....any info?
4 - I have no idea if it's just the ones I have kept an eye on or whether it's a...

Real EstateKarl123 - 8 Dec 2013 InWroclaw - 9 Dec 2013
How bad was it? '' a 'luxury' apartment with electricity and heating"
Renting an apartment in Poland - how much commission for the agency?
Investing in land in Poland?

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